Signifyd Fraud Scoring helps CoreCommerce stores identify illegitimate orders


With the new Signifyd integration, CoreCommerce Store Owners can now feel more confident that a fraudulent order can be spotted before money is spent shipping orders that are not real.


After an order is placed, a storefront owner can generate a fraud score that will indicate the likelihood of an order’s legitimacy. Signifyd analyzes 300 risk indicators within seconds to ensure transactions are legit. A storeowner will know exactly how and when a suspicious transaction comes though, along with all the right information to help you make the best decision about that order.

**NOTE: The fraud score is not real time and is used after an order is placed but before merchants ship orders.


Once the integration is active, a storeowner can view any order inside the CoreCommerce Admin Panel. For a fraud score to be generated, the order must have been paid by credit card.

Once the storeowner views a credit card order inside CoreCommerce, there will be a “Fraud” section on the right hand side. One click of a button allows a score to be generated right there on the fly, and displayed on the screen.


Signifyd scores on a scale of 0-1000 with 0 being the lowest, or worst score possible and 1000 being the highest, or best score possible.

Orders above 500 are colored green and generally recommended for acceptance.

Orders below 300 are colored red and generally recommended for for a decline.

Orders between 300-500 are colored yellow and are recommended for review, though that does not necessarily mean a call is necessary.

That’s really a business decision on your side. Some merchants just want to verify data presented in the case, some want to actually place a call if the order is a high dollar amount, etc.

Signifyd also has a Guaranteed Payments product that will let Signifyd make the yes/no decision on an order and we’ll take liability for any fraud on an order that we say is good.

Signifyd does offer a free plan. To check out all their plans and pricing, click here:

To enable Signifyd in CoreCommerce, see this knowledgeable article for help.

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