Shipping: How to get the most out of it

CoreCommerce offers many ways to ship your products to your customers. Supporting all the major carriers, as well as some carriers outside the USA, like Canada Post, Australia Post, and Jamef.

CoreCommerce also supports Freight Options with UPS, Fedex, ABF, and others.

If you don’t need real-time calculations, Offline Methods are a good way to calculate shipping manually. You can also couple the shipping calculation with an automated shipment tracking solution like Rush that works with tons of shipping carriers. Plus there are advanced features like carrier mapping, post-purchase upselling and more.

Using things like the subtotal of the order, or the weight, or the quantity of items within the order, it makes it easy to get a shipping rate to the end customer.

Subtotal and Weight Based allow you to specify a range of subtotals or weights, and then what the shipping price will be based on which “bucket” the order being placed falls into.

For example, If the order subtotal is between 0-100, then charge $10, if it’s between 100-1000, charge $25, etc. 

Weight based in the same way, except its using the total weight of the items in the order, not the order subtotal.

You can also offer things like “Pickup” and “Account Number”.

Pickup will simply charge $0 shipping and assume the customer will come and pickup the order.

“Account Number” will allow the customer to enter their Shipping Account Number so that they can be billed directly for Shipping.

Offering a Handling Fee inside a specific zone is another option to allow some additional padding to your shipping for specific locations you know require additional costs to get to. 

In both cases, Real Time or Offline, you can use the Free Shipping Option to give someone the option for Free Shipping if they spend above $X.

So in the end, should you use Real Time, or Offline methods? Should I offer a Free Shipping option? All methods work, but to choose the best option for you, here are the pros and cons of using each style:

Real TimeOffline
Every Rate is accurate to the penny based on the weight of the orderShipping is estimated or flat based on a general idea of what shipping averages out to
Will ensure each rate is at or above what it will cost you to ship so you dont lose on shippingWill allow for shipping flexibility (i.e. if a customer knows they can order 3 or 5 of something and it still only be $8 shipping, they may choose to buy 5)
Your discounts from the carrier can be factored in and included.Flat Rate can give the impression that they can order more for less because the shipping may not always changed based on every item/change you make to your items in your cart (as the customer). 
You can pad the rates above and beyond what the carrier’s rate is from within CoreCommerce 

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