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In our latest release, we were excited to introduce a responsive web design, perfect for e-commerce stores. We recently caught up with one of our team members, Jay, to ask a few common questions about responsive design and the positive impact it has on e-commerce.
1. What is RWD and how does it work?
Responsive web design is way of designing websites that are fluid and will adjust to the width of any device, for example mobile phones, tablets, laptops through to really large screens like a 27 inch iMac. Traditionally, websites were often created with a fixed width in mind and would be difficult to read on mobile devices. On the other hand, if you look at a more modern website like, you’ll see that it has a responsive design on both the PC and mobile views.
The addition of a responsive web design is a key part of CoreCommerce’s goal to continue offering the best value on the market for e-commerce entrepreneurs. As one of the first e-commerce solutions to offer free responsive design templates, CoreCommerce aims to remain at the forefront of the e-commerce industry as it grows increasingly mobile. The consistent design and overall look and feel that responsive design offers will create a more robust user experience, boosting sales and consumer confidence for e-commerce merchants. CoreCommerce has launched the responsive design campaign with two modern design themes that were recently added, with additional themes to come.
2. How does using RWD benefit me as an e-commerce business owner?
E-commerce stores built using RWD techniques provide optimized browsing experience for different devices. For example, you won’t need to pinch and zoom on a mobile phone, text and images will be much larger by default, form fields will be easier to focus on with touch devices, and you can make a much bigger impact with your photos, even with larger screens as your hero images can stretch across the screen to make an impression.
The bottom line is that your customer’s shopping experience will be easier, reducing the chance of abandoned carts and making your business look more professional.
3. Do you feel RWD is the future of websites/online stores? Why?

Absolutely. RWD has been around a couple of years now in terms of technology and while initially people were skeptical of this approach versus two dedicated mobile / desktop sites, as touch devices are coming in more and more different sizes it’s becoming crucial to adopt this flexible approach. Customers who use “Apps” and get exposed to more tailored website experiences will have less patience for sites that are not optimized for their devices.

4. If I am a current CoreCommerce customer using a free template and want to switch to one of the new RWD templates, how should I get started? Will I lose any of my store info already on my site(images, content, product descriptions,etc)?

You can simply go into your admin dashboard and select the Design > Design Setup Wizard to try out different themes. Select a theme that has a “responsive” icon in the bottom left to give it a spin. Don’t worry, you won’t lose any design customizations on your current theme unless you purposely delete the theme. You can try out the two responsive themes we have in the gallery at the moment or switch back to your previous theme if you change your mind. We’ll have many more themes coming in 2014!
5. Are there any tips or best practices when using RWD for e-commerce?
Here are a few tips to keep in mind as you use RWD for your online store:
  • Once you’ve installed a responsive theme grab the edge of the browser window to resize it so you can get a feeling how the design might look on different screen widths; this is especially important with images and text; for example you’ll need to upload bigger images now to make the most of larger screens, and be careful that your descriptions are not too long because they’ll appear on multiple lines for smaller devices.
  • If you’re uploading images make sure they’re not bigger than they need to be, since customers browsing your store on a mobile device are likely to have a slower connection and it will take longer to load bigger images
  • If you have access to other devices such as iPads and iPhones, be sure to check out your store on them!
  • If you want to customize your theme (advanced) using CSS be careful changing layout properties since you may not be able to see this affect unless you test your change on different screen widths and devices

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