Proven Ways to Increase Your Sales Funnel Conversion

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Truly, success in terms of marketing will always come down to your ability to get the right message in front of the right person at precisely the right moment. To get to that point, it stands to reason that you need to know as much about your target audience as possible. Who are these people? Where do they spend the majority of their time? What do they like and what do they dislike? The answers to questions like these can and should inform the lion’s share of your activities moving forward. They’re also why things like market research and buyer personas are so critical to what you’re doing.

But at the same time, you also need to know more than just who someone is – you need to know as much as possible about the specific journey they’re going on. Nobody encounters your brand for the first time and just decides to make a purchase. 

It may be caused by different reasons. People have never heard of your brand. Or they are not familiar with your brand identity. Perhaps, they are happy with the other brands on the market. Who knows. 

Anyway, it’s an entire process filled with important questions, detailed research, and similar touchpoints. This, in essence, is exactly what a sales funnel is – it allows you to better understand the journey that your potential customers are taking on their way to making a purchase, all so that you know exactly what you have to do to serve them every step of the way.

Having said that, it’s entirely possible to build what you think is a “well-oiled” sales funnel and still just miss sale after sale. Someone could potentially leave the funnel after weeks without making that purchase for a myriad of different reasons. Therefore, if you truly want to increase not just the strength of your sales funnel but its ability to land those conversions that you’re after, there are a few important things to keep in mind like marketing automotion.

Empower Your Sales Funnel, Empower Your Business

Overall, it’s important to look at your sales funnels less as one long journey and more as a series of smaller ones that segue nicely from “Point A” to “Point B” to “Point C” and beyond. Each part of the funnel has its own unique purpose and in those early days of your relationship with someone, that purpose will undoubtedly be education.

If someone encounters your brand for the first time, they’re likely going to have a lot of questions about who you are, what you do, and why that matters. They may know that they have a problem in their lives or some objective that they’re trying to accomplish, but they’re not quite sure that you’re the partner that they’re looking for. Therefore, you need to educate them as to why you are indeed that partner – but to do that you need to show them, not tell them, that this is the case.

That’s why visual content will be of paramount importance during these early stages of the funnel. You should absolutely be sitting down with an online design tool to create Infographics and other compelling collateral that show people the benefits of a product or service like yours.

Another way to get more attention to your website and boost conversions is by creating videos. A good step-by-step how-to guide or a multifaceted product video will do wonders to customers’ engagement on the page. It’s virtually two birds with one stone: the customer learns more about your product, plus spends more time on your website, which accounts for its better user behavior metrics.

Visual content is great because it takes even complicated ideas and distills them down to their bare essentials, presenting them in a way that is easy for virtually anyone to understand. You could show off how much money your average customers save by way of an Infographic, for example, or put together a presentation with images showing off people using your product and having a much easier time now than they did before they made a purchase.

The actual approach that you take will obviously vary depending on the audience that you’re speaking to, but what matters more is that you take it to begin with. By visually informing people as to the true potential of your products and services, you help them “see” what their life would be like and how much better it would be after that purchase has been made. Not only does this help warm them up to move them to the next stage of the funnel, but it also begins to get them excited about the very potential of that purchase, too.

The better you are at creating high-value, relevant visual collateral, the better conversions you’ll get.

Another proven way to increase your sales funnel conversion rate is to make sure that you have unique content that has been optimized for every stage at all times. Don’t just try to repurpose what are essentially advertisements and show them to people at “strategic” moments. Yes, you’re trying to keep your brand at the top of someone’s mind – but you also need to go a fair bit deeper than that, too.

Once that initial education stage has passed, you need content that will hold someone’s interest. They know about your brand and your products now – this is where their evaluation begins. Therefore, you need content that shows off what you’re capable of within the context of whatever problem they’re trying to solve as well as their overall interest in actually solving it. They’ll also begin competitor research at this stage, so you need to make sure you come off better than everyone else, too.

Then, they’ll move on to the decision phase. This is when they start to think carefully about things like price and certain options you may offer. At this stage, things like webinars and presentations are incredibly helpful because they answer any last-minute questions someone might have in a way that keeps things compelling but that also reaffirms in their mind that they’re making the right decision.

Finally, you have the action stage – which is where the conversion actually happens. Landing pages and targeted offers will be incredibly helpful here, as they can definitely be enough to help someone come down off that fence and make a sale before you know it.

Once all of these elements are in place, you’ll have more than just a sales funnel for your business – you’ll have a veritable conversion engine, which is the most important goal of all.

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