CoreCommerce for Small Business

Promoting Your Small Business

If you’re a small business owner, you might not have a large budget to spend on marketing and other promotional tactics. Unfortunately, one of the main steps to success in business is by making sure consumers know you exist, which is why marketing is so important. Coming up with a strong, engaging marketing campaign does take time, which can be another concern if you have other areas of your business that are demanding attention. If you’re worried about how to promote your business effectively and on a reasonable budget, here are some great tools and platforms you can use.

Social Media

Social media marketing has exploded over recent years, and it’s easy to see why, as the majority of the planet’s population has at least one social media account in use. The reason social media marketing is particularly useful for small businesses is that it’s free. You can build a following and share updates on your products, services, blog posts, etc., all at the click of a button. However, if you’re not going to spend money on social media, it could take more time to build up your brand awareness organically. There are options for you to boost your posts and reach a wider audience, but there is a fee for this service. Luckily, these costs don’t have to be expensive, and on platforms like Facebook, you can cap the spending on your promotional posts, which makes it ideal for all budgets.


Don’t underestimate the power of your business website to promote your company and build brand awareness. If you sell products online, eCommerce website designs are a brilliant way to do this and look more professional than using other online retail sites. You can also link your website to your social media accounts for effective marketing, and include a blog to keep your customers up to date on your business news or offer interesting articles for them to read.


Speaking of blogs, if you are going to incorporate one onto your business website, make sure that the posts you are sharing are relevant to what you do. For example, if you’re an interior designer, you shouldn’t have a post regarding the latest automobile technology. By using keywords and carefully written posts, you could help to improve your visibility on search engine results pages. To help with this further, consider seeking the services of professional content writers,, SEO specialists, or maybe a Social Media Marketing Agency to do this for you, and get your company mentioned on other blogs and websites.

Get Involved with Your Community

A brilliant way to promote your business is by getting involved with your local community. Sponsoring a local sports team or organizing a charity fundraiser will help raise brand awareness, as well as encouraging a positive image for your business, which will be great for your PR. Check out these top hot new business Ideas! Additionally, if the products you sell are suitable, you could sell them at local markets, if any take place near you, to help build a loyal customer base.

There are many steps you can take yourself to promote your business, and they don’t have to cost a fortune.

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