Penji Review: Unlimited Graphic Design – details and pricing



Customized graphic design for your business or products is a key element to making your brand stand out, get attention, and be remembered. Depending on your business, it can also be a way of appealing to your target audience. A professional-looking design, ideal font, color choice, the incorporation of a cool brand logo… Coming up with the perfect design for your business presents quite a challenge. The same is applicable to your advertising. You want your marketing to be eye-catching and your brand to be instantly recognizable.

As if those important details weren’t enough, businesses then have to decide on a graphic design company to work with. On-demand services are prevalent today, and that extends into the graphic design market just as it does elsewhere. However, if you need a more regular supply of custom design work done for your business – hiring a freelancer per job can soon get expensive – Penji are there to help. 

Here, we’ll take a closer look at Penji: who they are, what they have to offer, and what they cost.

Who is Penji?

Penji is an unlimited graphic design business founded by Khai Tran and Johnathan Grzybowski. Penji, from the beginning, has taken pride in its grass-roots initiatives. For one, when starting up, they specifically hired local residents and students so as to be able to give back to their local community. They have since taken great pride too in supporting non-profit organizations and diversity. 

In the graphic design world, Penji has a unique business structure, and this operational choice by its founders has contributed largely to the companies success. The business was started up with the purpose of assisting other new businesses just as themselves. Penji’s business structure is a subscription-based model that allows its clients to either opt into a monthly subscription plan or an annual one. In exchange, Penji will supply its clients with an unlimited number of graphic designs on request. The option for a monthly subscription means clients don’t have to shell out for a yearly or per-project contract. If your business takes out any subscription with Penji, you’ll be free to unsubscribe at any time with no cancellation fee. Penji believe in the freedom of their clients, hence contract-less subscriptions. 

Penji Key Features

Now that you know a little more about the company, let’s look at what they actually have to offer.

  • Unlimited Designs: You can submit requests for the creation of as many projects as you like. Your monthly subscription includes everything. There are no hidden additional charges whatsoever for anything, and you can realistically expect up to 50 possible projects per month;
  • No Limit to Revisions: You won’t pay more to make revisions to any of your projects, whether it’s one change or two dozen. Any alterations you wish to be made can be requested simply via Penji’s projects portal;
  • Speedy Turnaround Times: Customized design work is usually expected to be completed in as brief a time frame as possible. Penji doesn’t waste time making revisions if they are requested. The majority of their projects are done between 24 and 48 hours. Projects involving larger elements of complexity may of course take longer – as you would expect if requesting material with multiple pages or landing pages for websites with specific criteria;
  • Client Support: Penji offers excellent support for its customers. Be it email or the app’s own messaging service, staff can be communicated during the project;
  • Ownership Rights: Penji may create the designs for your marketing campaign or your company logo but they are all yours. Once Penji has supplied you with your request, all rights to it are owned by you;
  • Customized Artwork: Unique illustrations can enhance the visibility of a marketing campaign ten-fold. Illustrative customization is often very expensive due to specific details and marketing criteria, and those costs can often stop a company from approaching design businesses. Penji’s subscription business model and unlimited supply make them very approachable whatever tailoring the task requires. 

Penji will create as many projects as you ask them to. Here’s a quick list of some of the work they can provide. 

  • Business brochures;
  • Catalogs;
  • Business cards;
  • Website design;
  • App design;
  • Custom illustrations;
  • Brand logos;
  • Packaging design;
  • T-shirts;
  • Miscellaneous printed materials.

Significant Advantages and Disadvantages

Every business comes with its pros and cons. The services offered by Penji are no exception so here’s a quick run-down of some key advantages and disadvantages. 


  • Their productivity rate is more than impressive. You’ll be hard-pushed to find a graphic design company that is able to turn around so much so quickly;
  • Decent pricing with zero hidden costs so there are no unpleasant surprises when they hand you your projects; 
  • No contracts mean no commitments. You’re free to unsubscribe any time you want;
  • If you feel a particular designer isn’t quite understanding your requirements, you can request another member of the team to take your project on with no fuss; 
  • Their user dashboard is easy to understand and use and provides the ability to talk with designers while your project is being worked on;
  • Brand design profiling. Once you have settled on your fonts, logo, and so on, you can select a profile for your design. Then, moving forward, your designer will stick to that template and use it on future projects ensuring consistent uniformity with each and every subsequent project. 


  • As excellent as Penji’s business structure is, it only really pays off if you and your business require custom design work on a regular basis. Subscribing for a month or two may prove to be more costly than going freelance if your needs a minimal; 
  • Precision can be crucial when submitting your requests. The need for fine details, if needed, can hinder the speed of turnaround. That said, it can easily be argued this is a small minus-point compared to the plus points. 

Subscription Rates

Having mentioned Penji’s unique business structure and its convenient contract-less subscriptions. There are three subscription plans available: monthly, quarterly, and annually. 

  • Pro / $399 per month – graphic design only. This will give you unlimited designs and brands, and one designer working for you; 
  • Team / $499 per month – graphic design/illustration/UX and UI. Offers the same service as the pro plan but with the addition of custom illustration work, infographics, website, and mobile app design; 
  • Agency / $899 per month – team plan and double output. It includes the features of the previous plans, as well as an additional designer allocated to you and priority client support. 

The Verdict 

It’s hard to see subscribing to Penji as anything other than a win for any business that can include a subscription in its budget. The pricing will only become a possible weight in the wallet if a business only requires a handful of jobs per month. But for any business that will require a regular – and fast – service from a graphic design company, Penji offers an efficient, economical, and unique service.

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