New Product Releases For Summer!

Summer is here! For some of you, business has ramped up during the hotter months, and for others, the summer season perhaps provides a much needed opportunity to recharge in preparation for the rapidly approaching holiday season. Here at CoreCommerce, we have been working hard to build new relationships with eCommerce solutions partners and develop our product to keep pace with constantly evolving eCommerce technology.

We are excited to release the following product enhancements for summer 2016.

CoreCommerce Now Partners With ShipStation

CoreCommerce is very pleased to announce that we are now integrated with ShipStation. If you use multiple shipping providers, ShipStation allows you to compare providers and select shipping options that cost less. ShipStation also allows you to mix and match shipping labels for USPS (deep discounts), UPS, FedEx, DHL, OnTrac and others. Batch print labels to save time and effort. You can also set up and print packing slips with order details and instructions. The ShipStation mobile app provides on-the-go convenience – manage your shipments on your mobile device wherever you are. If you have already negotiated discounts with your shipping providers, ShipStation is able to pull those discounts over. If you have not, a free USPS postage account with built-in deep discounts is free with your ShipStation subscription. The ShipStation platform allows you to automate nearly every task associated with eCommerce fulfillment, order management, and shipping, saving your business time and money.

For customers who are interested in an integration with ShipStation, the first step is to visit the ShipStation web site and sign up for an account. Once you have an active account, contact CoreCommerce customer support, and we will help you configure the ShipStation integration.

CardConnect Gateway with CoreCommerce Provides Credit Card Tokenization


According to, in this March 2016 article, “10 Ways Online Retailers Can Increase Their Payments-Conversion Rate,”  the #3 way is to recognize returning customers with tokenization.

If you are not familiar with tokenization, tokenization is a Payment Card Industry (PCI)-compliant method of storing credit card information safely by creating a “token” or 16-digit number in place of the credit card number that is stored in checkout. Tokenization allows returning customers to “save” their credit card for future use, enabling a quicker, frictionless checkout process.

CoreCommerce now partners with CardConnect, a leading payment services provider. Tokenization is not the only benefit provided by CardConnect. CardConnect makes it simple to secure, accept and integrate all types of payments – whether they are from a store, website or mobile device. All payments can be viewed in CardPointe, an advanced online portal and mobile app for real-time reporting and transaction management. CardConnect also integrates seamlessly with the CoreCommerce eCommerce platform.

CoreCommerce has negotiated discounted rates with CardConnect as well. We believe we can save your business money, as well as providing a user-friendly, high-conversion check out process with tokenization. We are happy to audit your credit card statements in order to determine if making the switch to CardConnect could save your business money. Click on the button below to get a free audit and rate quote for CardConnect payment services.



One-Way eBay Sync


For customers who utilize eBay as secondary sales channel, inventory management just got easier. CoreCommerce is proud to release the first phase of a two-phase development project. Now, the CoreCommerce admin platform has the capability to scan your eBay account for new orders and pull those records into CoreCommerce so that all your order information is in one place.

Coming in late summer, the two-way sync will be released. In this case, CoreCommerce not only pulls order information from eBay into the admin panel but also sends order information to eBay so that both platforms are automatically updated and in sync when an order is placed on either platform.

For customers who wish to take advantage of this new functionality, please call customer support to have the feature turned on. Have your eBay credentials on hand when you call to make the process quicker.

As always, if you have any questions about how these new integrations and functionality can help serve your business, please feel free to reach out to our customer support team. We are also continually seeking suggestions for new integrations and product improvements. Please email if you have an idea for an integration or functionality that can help your business grow.

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