New Features For Your Online Store(s)

These features have been updated automatically and are available now for you to access in the admin dashboard of your online store(s).

Hourly Currency Updates on Your Site(s)

This feature allows you to better serve your international clients by displaying product prices in their local currencies in near real time. Currencies are automatically updated every hour. Customize your product pricing by selecting those currencies relevant to your customers from 163 different currency options.

To view this update: Admin Dashboard > Settings (upper right hand corner) > Store Settings > Localization > Configure Currencies.

Screen Shot 2016-02-03 at 12.16.17 PM

Batch Import & Approve Product Reviews

Have you migrated to CoreCommerce from a competitor’s site but don’t want to lose those amazing product reviews? Now you can seamlessly import and batch approve product reviews in your admin dashboard. Save time and power more sales with batch management of your product reviews.

To view this update: Admin Dashboard > Inventory Tab > Manage Product Reviews

Batch Management of Blog Content

Blogs are a valuable way of driving traffic to your online store. But, managing comments can be overwhelming as your blog grows in popularity. Now, you can batch manage comments with the capability to approve, unapprove and delete multiple comments at a time, saving you time and energy to focus on developing high-value content.

To view this update: Admin Dashboard > Site Content Tab (Blog) > Posts

Unsure how to access or utilize any of these features on your site? Give our award-winning customer support team a call at 1(800)747-4270.

Do you have suggestions for a feature that would make your life easier? Email suggestions to

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