New Features for June 2020

Here are a few new cool items we have added to CoreCommerce in the past month….you can also click to read more about these in the Knowledgebase!

New fields added to Email a Quote form

When using the Email a Quote form, you can now allow the customer to enter all their billing address details to send the email when requesting a quote on a single product.

Product Sales Report now shows Address

The Billing Address of each customer is now displayed and exportable on the Product Sales Report. This report is typically used to see a list of which customers order a specific product during a specific timeframe, and now it will give you the address of the customer on the screen and in the export CSV file for this report.

Additional Info Chart Tool

When editing a product, you can now use text to create an “Additional Info” chart tool to show more info above the product description on the product detail page. You just enter in values separated by commas, and it will make a fancy formatted charge for “Additional Info” on the screen for you.

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