Meet CoreCommerce: Brian

VQj5yf8ndw7s3xswKNYVdrxsle2scTSEiFoUcmrywx4Here at CoreCommerce, we have a great team of folks who work hard to help you turn your e-commerce business idea into reality. Today we want to introduce you to one of our awesome Customer Support team members, Brian. He is originally from Pennsylvania and moved down to Nashville from New York City a year ago to be part of the music scene.

Brian is a great asset to our team here at CoreCommerce and really enjoys helping our e-commerce merchants and getting to know them individually. Brian says, “I enjoy talking to our customers and getting to know them personally. For example, I was recently talking to a customer and he shared how he became a Kansas City Chiefs fan, even though he was from Boston. I went to college in Kansas City and lived there for about ten years so it was nice to connect with him on a personal level”. When he isn’t working, his hobbies are sports, drawing, music and spending time with his family.

Fun Facts:

  • Brian’s top three favorite bands are Coldplay, John Mayer and Ray Lamontagne.
  • His super power of choice? Flight.
  • Brian has a background in sales, music and church leadership.


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