Marketing Luxury Products

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The luxury e-commerce market is growing but requires a unique marketing strategy. In a recent interview, eMarketer offered some key points from a luxury marketing consultant that are valuable for any luxury e-commerce brand:

  • Luxury consumers respond most to access versus promotion, particularly exclusive products.
  • Products with a high price point will be well researched before making a purchase.
  • Research is important in the sales process, with consumers checking an item as many as eight times before purchasing.
  • Consistent branding across platforms and devices is crucial, especially as research is key in the sales process.
  • Exclusivity is key with the luxury demographic.

Luxury marketing tips to keep in mind:

  • Design plays a big role in marketing luxury items, from the tone of content to the font choice. These seemingly small branding points convey luxury.
  • Keep your website simple and easy to navigate. For a luxury brand, high quality photos and images are extremely important so make them a focus on your site.
  • Assess your website across devices to ensure branding is consistent.
  • The color black is often used to communicate luxury in branding.

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