March Recap

Over the course of the past month, CoreCommerce released a number of new updates. Unless otherwise specified, these updates are already live and available for use in the admin dashboard.

Warehousing Location Tags

Inventory management can be a hassle. For business owners and staff who manage warehousing and fulfillment themselves, this new features is guaranteed to save time! Now, tag products with a warehouse location, customized according to your warehousing system, and print warehouse location on packing labels for quick and easy order fulfillment. Learn more in the CoreCommerce blog post: Fulfillment is Now Easier for DIY Small Business Owners. This feature must be turned on in order to use. Please contact customer support at (615)550-5523 or submit a ticket.

Consignment and Commissions Functionality and Reports

Now, managing online consignments and commissioned sales are easy with CoreCommerce’s online consignment functionality:

  • Set up individual consignors and tag each consignor with a set commission.
  • Run a Vendor Sales Report, which shows cumulative payout amounts per consignor.
  • Run a Vendor Inventory Value Report, a comprehensive report which breaks down the entire store’s inventory and lists quantity, cost, and inventory subtotals for each consignor.

Learn more in the CoreCommerce blog post, Open an Online Consignment Store! The consignment feature must be turned on in order to use. Please contact customer support at (615)550-5523 or submit a ticket to turn on the consignment functionality.

Liquidation Items

When surplus inventory items, returns, or out of season merchandise are sitting in your warehouse, they are costing your business to store and maintain. Now, you can assign products as liquidation items in the product information area of the admin dashboard. To enable liquidation, you must have sitewide discounts enabled on your site. These can be enabled by visiting, Inventory > Pricing Discounts > On. When liquidation is turned on, liquidation items are excluded from sitewide discounts. When inventory levels for these items reach 0, the item automatically becomes unavailable and is removed from your online store. If you have questions about this functionality, please contact customer support.

Admin Dashboard Universal Search Capability

Have you ever wanted to look up a product or customer from the homepage of your dashboard without having to spend the time to navigate to the correct menu? Now you can! Quickly and easily search for products, order numbers, customers, etc. in one place – right from the homepage of your admin dashboard!

Looking Ahead…

The developers at CoreCommerce are continually working on improvements to our core functionality to make managing your business easier than ever before! Here are just a handful of the many improvements you can expect in 2016!

  • Updated admin dashboard – new look, user friendly interface
  • Additional payment processor options
  • Hindi and French built-in language capability
  • Amazon and eBay bidirectional integration
  • Customer forums

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