March 2015 – Feature Improvements


We have made some improvements to our systems that we want to share.

First Time to Byte
We have made some significant changes over the past 3 months to enhance the overall speed of our servers, as well as taking advantage of new caching features that are available with the newer versions of the application technology we use, PHP. All of these changes have been made to maximize the “first time to byte” speeds to give your customers the best overall experience they can have when browsing your CoreCommerce storefront. We have made some speed improvements and have more work planned in the future.

FedEx Saturday Delivery
We had added FedEx Saturday Delivery as an option to our FedEx shipping rates.

SEO Friendly URL + Blog Improvements
We have improved how “blog tags” are used for the blog post. Previously if you had a “blog tag” and a “blog category” with the same name, the system would display the first one it found. Now the “blog tag” links in the Blog Widget bring up all the post that are tied to the tag.

Email Improvements
We have made emails more flexible by adding new tokens to the email template format, as well as adding a new order status called “Partially Shipped”. This status that will send out its own email to denote what has been partially shipped. Also, product thumbnail images/links can now be included in HTML emails.

Other Improvements
Good news for those of you that use our Facebook integration. We’ve added more tags for Facebook open graph to easily recognize your product images. We’ve also added Canada Post tracking numbers to emails (ship complete email) when notifying your customers of shipped orders. Other improvements include improving page content URLs, gift certificate expiration dates and multiple language features. We have improved upon the way SEO-friendly URL’s work and increased their accuracy.

2015 Roadmap
Going forward, you will see small improvements like these as we have begun work on rebuilding our admin panel and using the latest #rwd trends to make it responsive. Stay tuned!

CoreCommerce Team

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