Link building tips that can help your website rank higher

Link building is one of the strongest strategies for a website to rank high. This approach is made to increase the quantity and quality of inbound links to your website so that you gain referral traffic, improve SEO ranking and boost domain authority adoption. All these factors can significantly benefit your website and business because you’ll be easier to find. Plus, if you add your social media efforts, your website can rapidly become known and your business famous. So, let’s dive into some link-building tips that you can use.

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Maintain your blog 

The key to success is consistency, and you’re developing your business by building a community where you share content. So, you should create valuable blog content regularly because that’s how you can organically generate inbound links. These are important because they help build:

  • Referral traffic 
  • Brand image 
  • Networking opportunities 
  • Better SEO and ranking

Maintaining your blog requires a bit of effort, especially if you haven’t updated it in a while, but it shouldn’t be that difficult if you consider a few tips:

  • Publish content related to your industry. You’ll find that no matter what your business is, your target audience will be interested in reading valuable information about that certain subject;
  • Simplify your message. If your approach is clear and straightforward, anyone will be able to understand who you are and what you do;
  • Be consistent. At first, it would be best to post at least once a day, preferably at the same hour. In time, you can stick to one day per week of posting, but if you go silent without an explanation, you might lose a big part of your audience;

Link to other blogs

Your approach to posting doesn’t have to be quiet. There’s nothing wrong with involving other businesses, magazines, websites, and such on your blog because this is how you expand your reach, which might lead those bloggers to return the favour and expose your business. Plus, it’s pretty difficult to cover each industry area, even though your business offers complete solutions and tools for a specific problem. 

This strategy is related to external links, which estimate the relevance of your page according to the quality of the links that point to you. They are influenced by:

  • The website’s authority;
  • The number of links;
  • The coherence of the content;
  • The text anchors;
  • Spam links;

If you struggle with adding relevant and profitable external links, you may need link building services to help you figure out a link building strategy tailored to your business. The company will undergo a few processes that include:

  • Keyword research and keyword targeting 
  • Link building analysis 
  • Outreach and backlinks determination
  • Reporting and evaluation 

While you can try setting up a strategy by yourself, link-building is quite challenging as it is time-consuming, and you will start by acquiring low domain authority links, which won’t affect your website at first. It might take three to 12 months to complete your approach, but if you have the means and want to save some time, you can achieve your goal more efficiently with Seeders agency. 

Create shareable templates

Another decisive move to help your website rank high is to give away free tools that other individuals and businesses can use. Templates are the easiest to create, and people can link to them over and over again since they are beneficial. For example, you could create downloadable business cards, business plans, email newsletter templates, presentation slides, and much more. You only need a bit of creativity and research on what people would need and want from templates to be. 

Your goal is to create something that can make people’s lives easier to organize. If you’re a company that sells school supplies, a template for homework will help students a lot. Or, if you’re a retailer, you can create printable templates for shopping lists so that people won’t forget what to buy. It’s as simple as that. 

Partner with other businesses 

Businesses are stronger together, which is why partnering is wise because linking to each other’s content can greatly benefit both, and the effort is minimal. You only need to research the businesses that are relevant to yours, see what their websites are like, and come up with an offer from the beginning. This way, you may win their trust faster than starting slow. Coming up straight with who you are and what you wish to accomplish together can guarantee you a high website rank. You can do this by:

  • Writing guest content for the blogs on each of your sites;
  • Mentioning each other elsewhere (like third-party sites);
  • Sharing content on social media;
  • Sharing content on email newsletters;
  • Running a webinar together;

Identify broken links

If you have older content that hasn’t been updated, the links might not be useful anymore. But since they can still be valuable, you can use specific tools to scan for broken links on other websites so that you can reach out to people to change them with working links. Of course, besides changing them, you could also delete the link to fix it, but broken internal links can also come from a typo, so there are other ways to fix them:

  • Redirect the link to another relevant page;
  • Make the page real again;

You can avoid such problems by updating your website rather than removing unnecessary content. This way, you can prevent unwanted 404 pages. It is necessary to do this because when someone enters a broken website, they most likely won’t return, which will only negatively affect your business. 

Most broken links come from:

  • Deleting images, videos, files, or the entire web page;
  • Renaming or moving a page and not updating internal links;
  • Linking to content that has been deleted or moved;
  • Changing domain names and moving the site to a new URL; 

Wrapping up

Ranking higher on search engines can greatly benefit your business, from an increased number of website visits and brand recognition to a competitive edge over market rivals. So, if you want to improve your website, you only need to have a link-building strategy. 

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