Latest Invoicing Features That Every Business Should Take Advantage Of


Invoicing has always been one of the trickiest and tedious financial processes that every business has to tackle. This is why the latest and highly-sought-after payment processing platforms are always in demand and many businesses flock to them. The host of features that they offer makes it extremely appealing for companies who want to stay on top of their invoices and account management. The best is an all-in-one platform that provides the best, ensuring that businesses are able to take advantage of the online invoicing features to increase cash flow. More so, such platforms go hand in hand with other tools like a legit paystub creator to make your financial processes more efficient. With the plethora of payment processing platforms in the market, there are certain features that businesses should look out for when picking the most suitable one. Let us take a look at some features that every business should look out for.

Unlimited Invoices

With the unlimited invoices tool, you no longer have to worry about exceeding the maximum number of invoices per month. You can now issue as many as you need to speed up the payment process from other companies.

Unlimited Recurring Invoices

You can now leave your recurring invoices aside and let it fly on auto-pilot. With this feature, your invoices will be sent out and created based on the schedule that you set, and it will now allow you to maximize your time and spend it on other pressing matters.

Unlimited Clients

Regardless of the size of your portfolio, the Invoicing platform allows you to send an unlimited number of invoices to your clients. This allows you to maximize your business and increase sales revenue in the long run, without having to fuss over the cap number.

AutoPay for Recurring Invoice Payments

If it has an AutoPay system, you no longer have to manually issue an invoice to collect payment. Furthermore, the AutoPay features allow you to store your payment information if you want to, making it extra convenient as you do not need to constantly retrieve the information to make payment. If you’d like, you can also customize it so that your clients will be billed automatically in the future, and rest assured — you will be notified immediately if there are any changes made.

Invoice Deposits

One of the most popular features, this enables you to automatically accept an invoice deposit. This convenience gives you the liquid cash to start on a new project, without having to worry about your cash flow through manual invoice payments to you.

Printable Invoices

Don’t you hate it when your invoices are not printable and you have to manually save it as a PDF if your client requests for it? With the easy printable page, you can easily print hard copies for you and your client’s safekeeping.

Invoice Logo Customization

For businesses who want to add a touch of personalization to their invoices, this feature allows you to customize the invoice document by adding your own logo and brand name. This allows for easy identification and makes your invoice appear more professional.

Payment Reminders

Got a backlog full of delayed payments from your clients? Don’t fret! Some platforms allow you to customize your payment reminders and make it personalized for every client. Sometimes a little nudge is all you need to get your payment as soon as possible.

Automated Late Fees

Delayed payments are the worst — not only do you not get your money, but you also have to manually count the late fee charged to each client according to the number of days. With an automated late fee generator, manual labor is done for you so you don’t have to do it yourself. They automatically charge your client their late fee, according to your own customizable rate that you charge.

Card Payment Options

With the increase in the number of card payment options available, this will definitely speed up the payment time by clients as it will prove to be more convenient for them. For instance, some platforms accept debit or credit payments via ways like Stripe and Paypal.

Customizable Discount Rates

If you want to incentivize your clients to make fast payments, why not offer discounts? With a payment processing platform, you are able to set the amount according to your company and encourage your clients to pay you on time or even before the deadline.

Invoice File Attachments

An invoice file attachment feature makes it easy for you to send other documents or files alongside the invoice issued. With this, you can save a lot of time and avoid wasting them on sending a separate email.

Due Dates

With this feature, you can create bold callouts to the due date on every invoice to improve the cash flow for your company. Ensuring that your invoices are clear, simple, and straight to the point with enough emphasis on important information like the due date helps your clients to keep to the deadline at all costs. This frees up cash flow for your company and prevents a backlog of delayed payments.

Preview Before Sending

Realizing that you have made a numerical mistake on your invoice before sending it out may be the most embarrassing and unprofessional thing you can do, so eliminate this problem by using the preview before sending feature. It allows you to get a clear view of how your invoice looks like before you hit send, to avoid such mistakes from happening.

Multiple Recipients

Sending out invoices to multiple recipients makes it extra effective in receiving timely payments. It also keeps the rest in the loop on financial matters within the company.

Invoice Link Sharing

With the invoice link sharing feature, your clients are able to view their own invoices from any device that they are using. The link allows them to access their invoices directly, without having to only rely on their computers.

Account at a Glance

The overview of your account makes it very easy to gain access to your cash flow, based on the number of pending invoices and payments that your company is expecting. It helps you to have a feel of the sales revenue, allowing you to keep track of the cash flow going in and out.


The plethora of payment processing platform features now make it extremely easy for businesses and clients to deal with transactions. Invoicing software nowadays help small businesses to stay on top of their game as they monitor and manage their cash flow and invoices.

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