IT Security Tips for E-commerce Businesses

IT Security
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Even though IT security technology has advanced over the past decade or two, there are still people reluctant to do any business whatsoever online. They will research products or services but then will also search for local merchants where they can feel safer shopping. Unfortunately, who can fault them for being apprehensive when there always seems to be some hack or data breach in the news?

E-commerce businesses are also apprehensive for the very same reasons but by the very nature of their industry, they need to conduct transactions online. Without a local brick and mortar location, it is the only way to do business and so they always fear that one breach that could put them out of business altogether. If you are an e-Commerce business looking to ramp up security, the following information should prove quite helpful.

Understand That Not All File Transfer Protocols Meet Your Needs

The first area of concern for many businesses is when they sell digital products that need to be downloaded by consumers. This type of digital security goes beyond the average security risks that can be addressed by today’s leading commercial internet security platforms. These are often pre-loaded on PCs for a trial period and then users can pay subscriptions to continue protecting their own PC.

Innovative platforms are being developed more and more often in recent times and so you will find file transfer protocols at much higher levels of security than anything previously released. For example, check out to see all the advances that can keep your file transfers safe from interference during the transfer. These higher levels of security can go far to reassure administration as well as end-users that their digital file transfers are safe and secure.

Stay Current with Updated Security for Electronic Payment Platforms

Although there are some hackers who are out there for the thrill of being malicious, there are others who seek to gain access to consumers’ bank accounts and credit cards. This type of fraud is altogether too common which is why any e-Commerce business should ensure they have the latest e-Cart platform with greater security measures built in. Alongside that they will want additional IT security so that they cover all bases when protecting their own and all their customers’ financial information.

Be Aware of Worms Leading to DoS and DDoS Attacks

Then there are the Denial of Service (DoS) and Direct Denial of Service (DDoS) attacks that can get in through the backdoor of unsuspecting consumers. While this doesn’t immediately affect local users, eventually those worms make it through to major corporations and even government entities. This can effectively cripple an entire nation until the worm or trojan is identified and a fix is applied. Sometimes the issue can go on indefinitely until the worm is routed out of an entire global network. 

There has been nothing of this magnitude yet, but it is possible and feared, especially with what is happening with the Russians and their invasion of Ukraine. More and more businesses are heightening internet security for just this reason and if your eCommerce business needs a new look at higher levels of security, now is the time to do just that.

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