Is React.js good for beginners?


When thinking about working as a programmer, a developer should decide what skills to develop. Naturally, to work as a developer, you need knowledge of programming languages ​​(they may be different for different companies). But there is one thing that sets you apart and helps you find a good position, and that is your knowledge of React.js.

The React.js development company has prepared this article for you so that you can understand what React.js is and how difficult it is to learn it.

What is React.js?

React is a JavaScript library that is used to build the user interface. It simplifies the creation of interactive elements in web development. Initially, React was intended for the webspace, for creating websites, but later the React Native platform appeared, which was already intended for mobile devices.

Since React was created by Facebook, this gave it a high level of trust, as well as some popularity among web developers. In addition, React is completely free and open source all together, allowing developers to show limitless abilities.

What is React for?

React is an ideal tool for building scalable web applications, especially in situations where the application is a SPA (single page application) due to its low memory usage. It is ideal for creating user interfaces: search bar, drop-down menu, and whatever the user interacts with.

React is relatively easy to learn and has a clear and concise syntax.

How hard is it to learn to work with React.js.?

We do not have an exact answer, since it depends on many factors. At the very least, consider the speed with which you acquire new skills.

It is worth considering that before you start learning React, you need to already have some programming skills.

What skills do you need to get started with React?

Before you start learning React.js, you should have a basic understanding of the basics of programming. It is also important to know and understand how the latest JavaScript iteration works, and to have a basic understanding of HTML and CSS. After all, HTML and CSS are integral parts of web development.

If you have the right store of knowledge, then the study will be an easy step for you in improving your qualifications.

Does React.js have any advantages?


Of course, let’s take a look at them:

  • Will help you learn JavaScript. If you do not have the necessary basic knowledge in this area, then in the process of learning React.js you will be able to understand and learn to code in JavaScript. In addition, learning this library takes significantly less time for developers than, for example, learning Angular.
  • Fast and efficient. This library is renowned for its efficiency and time saving in the process of developing web applications. The presence of predefined templates and functions greatly simplifies the development process. The presence of these templates and functions allows you to quickly create an attractive and scalable project, many times faster than developing an application line by line.
  • Security and support. Since this library was developed by Facebook and a huge number of professional web developers, you should expect a huge coverage and wide range of support. The ability to use other technologies in conjunction with React opens up a truly wide field of opportunities to work with.

Get better and more professional with React.js

Choosing your career as a web developer opens up an incredibly enjoyable and exciting path for yourself. In order to be considered a successful and demanded professional, you need to master the required minimum of skills. When in doubt about where to start, consider exploring the React library.

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