Is Google+ Useful For Ecommerce?

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Google+ has over 600 million accounts and is integrated across the board with many of its platforms, such as Gmail and YouTube. As Moz pointed out earlier this year, there are a few key reasons why sharing on Google+ can have more impact on SEO than sharing on other social networks. It appears that Google uses Google+ to quickly identify new content, with posts being crawled and indexed very quickly. Each Google+ posts acts almost like a mini blog post, with link equity being passed on, which can help with SEO. And, when a user clicks your Google+ button, it lets Google know that people are sharing your content and find it relevant or helpful.

  • When it comes to posting content on Google+(or any social network!), always be sure the content is quality, helpful and consistent.
  • Post new content on Google+ every other day(at least).
  • Update your profile and image to reflect business branding.
  • Be sure to have your webmaster help verify your Google+ page!
  • Google+ has a huge cover photo[2120 x 1192 pixels], perfect for getting creative with product photos. Be sure to use high res images!

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