Instagram For Business : 4 Useful Tools To Grow Your Company  

4 Useful Tools To Grow Your Company  
CHIANG MAI, THAILAND – AUG 26, 2018: A woman holds Apple iPhone X with Instagram application on the screen at cafe. Instagram is a photo-sharing app for smartphones.

Instagram continues to gain momentum and every day more and more entrepreneurs come to the platform who want to increase their income and expand their customer base. Why do they choose this network? The site is one of the main marketing tools of the last few years – about 500 million users regularly visit Insta, follow the updates of their favorite authors and make purchases. The developers have done everything to make it convenient for representatives of companies to sell their goods and services.

And most importantly – you do not have to spend a lot of time and effort to make the page popular and interested in new clients. As in any other business process, some tools require money, for example, to launch targeted advertising or buy Instagram followers for a quick start. But they will save you a lot of time and will become excellent assistants in promoting the page and the growth of the company in the media sphere. We will tell you about these and 2 other tools for your business in the article.

Targeted advertising. The opportunity to use the platform’s internal advertising appeared in 2015. This tool has become the main assistant of thousands of entrepreneurs who have been looking for ways to attract as many followers (potential buyers) as possible. The advantage of target is that your ads are seen only by interested users who may become your regular customers in the future. 

How does it work? In order to set up ads, you need to create a professional account and link it to a Facebook page. After you complete these steps, a huge functionality of settings will open for you. Before creating an advertising campaign, determine the “portrait” of your audience: gender, age, place of residence, interests. This is necessary so that you can choose the right criteria in the special cabinet and create an attractive layout. Your goal is to describe your clients as accurately as possible and develop a layout design that will attract a large number of new subs.

Paid services. Achieving the desired result with the help of targeted advertising and several organic methods sometimes becomes a difficult task. The promotion of professional accounts is different from the usual ones. Your company needs to look presentable and solid on the platform so that users can trust you and show loyalty. Most often, it is enough to buy real Instagram followers, because the number of subscribers is an indicator of success and popularity. The higher this number, the more attractive your company looks in the eyes of potential buyers. Take care of this in advance and create the ground for further advancement. 

Among other things, by making a purchase, you significantly increase the activity on the page. But this only works if you buy accounts of real people, not bots or fakes. Use paid services wisely, study the information on the site and reviews of previous clients. If you are a busy entrepreneur with a lot of tasks and you don’t have time to search, click on the link above and get a guaranteed result from a trusted company.

Instagram Shopping. One of the main opportunities for representatives of companies on the platform is the simple creation of an online showcase in which collections of goods or lookbooks can be collected. Most importantly, users will be able to make purchases without leaving the app. Inside the posts, you can set special tags that will transfer the client to a page with information about the product, from where he can make a purchase or go to the site (if there is one) to arrange delivery. If you use the checkout function via IG, then you also have the opportunity to secure things during live broadcasts. This is a great tool that has great functionality and can become your companions in the growth of the page.

Reels. “We are no longer an application for square photos,” the head of the site said last year. Photo posts were replaced by new formats, and Reels became the main one. With the help of short clips, you can attract a large number of new subscribers, before proceeding to their creation, study the latest trends in video formats and figure out how to advertise the product imperceptibly. 

Do not create content with direct advertising. Your feed of posts should look natural to attract as many new viewers as possible. Shoot videos on abstract topics or tell about funny cases at work so that users understand that they are buying goods from real people, this is the main trend of this year.

That’s it! Now you have ideas about what tools you need to use to win an audience on Instagram and grow your customer base. Use these methods together to achieve success and increase revenue as soon as possible. Good luck!

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