Importance of Choosing Right Forwarder for Your E-commerce Store

It comes as no surprise to anyone to know that E-commerce is growing by leaps and bounds. In the past two decades, it has become much more common and developed into a reliable part of everyday life for millions of people. And with the state of the economy due to the current pandemic, it seems to make even more sense to be able to satisfy your customers’ needs without having them step into your physical store to purchase your products.

E-Commerce: A Solid Opportunity

With so many resources available today, from blogs to industry tips and strategies, it is possible for anyone that has set their mind to it, to start an E-commerce store. Even small market participants can reap the rewards or E-commerce in as little as six months after starting the business. However, there is a key element that anyone going into E-commerce, whether a beginner or a more advanced E-commerce professional needs to have by their side in order for the business to prosper: the right freight forwarder.

Your Effective E-commerce Shipping Plan

When starting out in E-commerce, the temptation is to offer free shipping with every transaction, maybe working with UPS or USPS. However, if you really want to differentiate your business from your competition while increasing your margins, you should start by implementing shipping best practices:

  • Start by having the right team. Everyone should know their duties in order to make shipping work for your store.
  • Define your goals. Decide whether your goal is to increase margins or sell internationally, for example.
  • Select the best shipping strategy. You may want increased average order value, decreasing costs, or improved operational efficiency.

Important Shipping Considerations

You have to have a clear idea as to the size and weight of the products you are shipping; you must also know if you will be shipping domestically or across the globe and, finally, you must know the best shipping carrier to fit your unique needs.

Why work with a freight forwarder?

If your budget allows it and you do quite a bit of international shipping, a freight forwarder is precisely what you need to manage your shipment from beginning to end. Also, they will make it easier for you to break into the global market and they work as seamlessly as if you were only shipping domestically.

The right freight forwarder will help you with:

  • The right customs documentation for your international shipments. These will include the certificate of origin, the export declaration, and the commercial invoice.
  • Duties and taxes imposed by the importing country. These fees can either be paid by the merchant or the customer.
  • Keep you abreast or shipping restrictions. There are certain products that may not be imported into certain countries and your freight forwarder will help you with these situations.

How do you find the best freight forwarder for your E-commerce business?

You should make it a point to find a freight forwarder that will arrange the whole shipping process from beginning to end. It is also crucial to work with a forwarder that has knowledge and experience in their field and can get you the cheapest methods to move your products, all this while ensuring compliance with all rules and regulations. Dedola Global Logistics is just the firm you need.

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