Ideas for November E-commerce Promotions

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The holiday season is about to kick off! Like other e-commerce business owners, there’s no doubt you’re ramping up for it. There are many opportunities throughout the season to connect with customers, offer them a coupon or share a new product with them. Take advantage of these four upcoming holidays/events this November:

  • Daylight Savings
  • Thanksgiving
  • Black Friday(Friday after Thanksgiving)
  • Cyber Monday(Monday after Thanksgiving)

Use these holidays/events as a springboard for your holiday marketing strategy! With a few minutes, some planning and a little creativity, you can easily give your holiday marketing a boost. Here are a few ideas you can try this season:

  • Update your Facebook(and other social media outlets!) header and icon to reflect the holiday or event like Black Friday/Cyber Monday. For example, create a black header and images for Black Friday.
  • Use photos or graphic images with coupon codes for visual interest, especially on social media where it’s easy to share with friends!
  • There’s never been a better time to perfect your e-mail marketing strategy! E-mail marketing has proven to be cost-effective and impactful for e-commerce.
  • Try a Deal of the Day special centered around each holiday/event featuring a best selling product.
  • Holiday centered giveaways are a great way to generate interest. A good example of this would be giving away a watch from your product line for Daylight Savings. Get creative and incorporate your products in unique ways depending on the holiday/event.
  • Use holiday/event inspired Pinterest boards featuring your products to boost site traffic. Try creating boards such as “Top Cyber Monday Picks” or “Our Favorite 2013 Holiday Products”. Boards centered around your customer personas can also help direct customers to products perfect for those they are buying gifts for.

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