Presently, one of the trending businesses is to start an essay writing, and this is because people are continually applying for scholarships, grants, applications, and many more. To start an essay writing business can be very demanding because writing requires brainy work. However, acquiring customers is not an easy task, especially when you have no experience. In contrast, people seek experienced writers to have better chances of achieving their aim for buying the essay.

Now more than ever, many individuals are headed to college, and one certainty is that there are lots of writing services needed by students. Assignment, presentation, term paper, and many more will be in high-demand, which is the most challenging part because they hardly find time to write. However, you can get your essay assignment done at WriteMyEssayOnline to improve your subjects’ chances of getting good grades. Here are guides on how you can start a profitable essay writing business:

Register your business name

How to register a business name differs in each country. You can check on Google by typing how to register a business in (your country name) and check out options to see the possibility of a solution. 

Whatever instruction is given should be followed and adhered to so that your business can get registered immediately. Customers have this sense of belonging when they know you are operating a registered company. 

Define your essay services you’re offering

It is good to have an area of specialization when writing, do not be a jack of all trades, be known for a particular essay writing identity. Whenever a person needs the service, they will rest assured of getting a professional job done. However, if you are dealing with students, mathematics, business writing, English, and challenging science courses. You must be ready to deal with these students who fall under these categories and deliver a good “A” lever term paper submitted to your teachers.

Build a blog to showcase your skills

The world has moved to a paradigm shift of digital marketing, and building a blog helps your work get faster to potential clients. In your blog, upload a writing sample and some of the jobs done by you. Publishing your work on your blog will help potential clients relate to your work.

Building a blog website is not something hard. Hosting websites like have made it easy to create one. As your business grows, you can upgrade your website, whereby clients can make payments and do their work without seeing each other.

Open social media accounts 

The most comfortable place to get noticed quickly is on social media. You can easily show off your work and along with customer testimonials for your qualitative service. Facebook and Twitter have been a vital platform where digital marketing is done efficiently. To complement it, you can use a video platform like YouTube and Instagram to make things simpler for an advert. You can read more about the importance of social media in digital marketing.

Register on a freelancer website

The world has advanced a lot, and you can offer your writing service even without meeting your potential clients. The difference between freelancing websites from social media is that you are continuously paid to build a solid reputation. However, you will have to exercise patience because it takes time for people to trust you with their work. 

The leading site to get registered on are,,, or any other niche essay writing platform. You must be ready to work at a lower price to get positive reviews that will subsequently pave the way for bigger pay jobs.

Buy Reviews and Hire Writers 

Surviving on a freelancing platform is not an easy task; clients will discredit your work, saying it does not meet up to their taste. If this continues, you will get a negative reputation that will render your account useless, and you won’t get patronage. There are standards to which write-ups are structured. For instance, an SEO blog post differs from any other write-up. At the same time, some essays require instructions and guidelines to follow. The only means to get in-depth knowledge is to hire a professional writer to get the samples of his work you will use as a guide. 

Advertise your business

There are means to hire businesses with little or no cost. Although it would have been advertising your business on Facebook or Twitter Ad, it is very costly for essay writing business because of the keywords that high CPC on Twitter, Google, and Facebook. You can use the following means:

  • Run an advert for your business on Freelancing platforms and interactive forums like LinkedIn and Quora.
  • Run a social media advert on your school platform, the Facebook community or WhatsApp, or telegram.

Post advert paper in school areas and where many students can see it.

Other options include the following:

  • Attend college parties to distribute business cards to students.
  • Post advert on school bulletin and billboards.
  • Relate with student leaders to help you tell students about your business.

Always ask for referrals

Business can only grow when there are many referrals from those you have rendered service to, so do not hesitate to ask for referrals. Encourage your existing customers to refer their friends to you. Through this, you will amass massive customers. The only way referrals work is to offer good service and always propose long term jobs.

The reality about the essay writing business is that writing is a complicated job that requires you to broaden knowledge, endeavor to hire an online writer’s service or place an order on platforms where you can get a good job. 

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