How To Save Big Online With A VPN

Online Buying has undergone tremendous growth exponentially thanks to the widespread use of apps and smartphones. A Virtual Private Network – VPN can prove to be an invaluable guardian as you shop online, offering much needed protection from fraud and theft. But a VPN can do even more as per The VPN Experts.

Here, we elaborate on how you can utilize a VPN to enhance your savings alongside online security, every time you go to shop online:

How websites control prices

You may not know it, but websites and services are not treating all the customers as same, at any given time. What a vendor knows about you can greatly influence how you are dealt with, and eventually how much you can be asked to pay.

Location plays a huge role. Prices on the various websites are often higher for the users appearing to be from the high-income, developed countries and in some cases, zip codes. It is a concept known as “dynamic pricing” and constitutes a very common strategy used by most online retailers.

Use a VPN to utilize better online deals

Using a VPN to connect to other server locations across your country or across the globe can enable you to assess the prices of items as they exist in other locations. You can save a lot of money accumulated over the long run, by using a VPN to find better deals.

The first step is to clear out the cookies before you make a new search because most websites use your physical location – IP address in conjunction with the cookies to keep a track of your online actions.

The next step is to launch your VPN app and connect to a VPN server location elsewhere.

Open a new “incognito” or “private browsing” window and enter the e-commerce site that you want to order from. You can note down the prices. Once done, terminate the current browser window session, clear the cookies, get connected to another server and go through the same process.

Saving Money on Flights

Hiding your ID and location also works best when conducting transactions that are time-intensive – including airlines, hotels and others. Airlines are quite notorious for up charging their customers based on cookies.

You need to make sure that you are checking prices from several different VPN locations. Once you have browsed different countries, analyze your findings to assess where the rates on offer happen to be the lowest.

Saving money on Hotels

You can apply the same technique when it comes to hotels. Since most lodging sites rely on your IP address to give you a unique pricing structure, you can trick them into offering you better deals.

You can begin by seeing the prices in the area you plan to stay. You may be able to find cheap deals in case your current location from where you are surfing from and the area you wish to stay are in proximity. Because, rates are often cheaper for locals as compared to the tourists. A bit wrong, but that’s how most businesses operate usually.

You may be able to take advantage of cheaply available rooms if your do not book way too early. As per research, the lowest possible hotel rates can be availed if you between 21-28 days prior to your travel. 

Concluding Remarks

In the end, you may want to go for a VPN service that has a good number of VPN servers in USA since a lot of the online services operate out of USA. Alongside USA, the higher number of global servers a VPN service offers, the better. Using a VPN such as Ivacy may cost you a few dollars per month, but the higher amount of ultimate savings you get are enough to justify this minimal cost. Ivacy VPN uses the strongest possible AES 256- bit encryption along with a vast collection of servers located worldwide. You can utilize Ivacy VPN for getting cheap deals, unblocking streaming services, safe torrenting and much more, while safeguarding yourself online!

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