Three Ways To Promote Your Products Offline


As any seasoned e-commerce business owner will tell you, sometimes it’s necessary to venture beyond strictly online promotion, especially if you have your own product line. There are a variety of ways to boost your company’s growth offline by introducing your products to a new groups of potential clients.

  • Pop up shops. All the rage in major cities, pop up shops are just that–small shops that pop up for a very limited time in a specific space. Pop up shops can be a great option for generating buzz your products and interacting with potential customers. The location and the targeted demographic are two big factors in considering if a pop up shop is a good option for your business. Many successful pop up shops feature clothing, jewelry and specialty products. Interested in learning more? Check out this article on how pop up shops work and getting started with it here.
  • Professional trade shows. Attending professional trade shows as a vendor is a good way to introduce your product to hundreds of buyers looking to purchase unique items for their retail stores. Trade shows can initially be costly, between securing your booth and creating visual displays. However, it is often an investment that can really pay off with repeat orders and helping you get your products into retail stores.
  • Create a rep program. Depending on your product line, you might want to consider developing a program for fans of your brand to sell independently as a rep. By empowering a group of reps to sell your products, you essentially grow your own motivated sales team. These reps can purchase a starter kit with the most popular products you offer and use it to promote and sell by hosting home shows, selling to friends and more.

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