How to make your e-commerce business grow

You’ve set up your own e-commerce online. You’ve found a range of products you’re happy with, you’ve created a platform to sell them on, and most importantly, you’ve sold some products. Now that you’re up and running, you could sit back and hope the orders come in with the same momentum. However, if you’ve got ambitions of growing your business and meeting those key performance indicators, here are three key things you should consider doing sooner rather than later.

Soar on social media

To attract more business, you need to attract more customers. To attract more customers, you need more people to visit your website. One of the most effective ways to do this in the 21st century is via social media. Set up your own pages on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. If you’re trying to attract a younger target audience, maybe even consider branching out onto some of the more modern social media sites like TikTok.

Once you’ve set up those pages, make sure you regularly update each page with good, high-quality images of each product. Make sure each post has a link that takes them directly to the page that’s selling that product so they can carry out the transaction as quickly as possible. You could even increase your followers by running a competition, encouraging your current customers to share one of your posts on social media on their timeline for the chance to win one of your products.


Once you’ve got more customers, you’ll need to employ more staff to help deliver those orders. Speed is one of the most important qualities customers look for in an online business, so they won’t want to be waiting weeks for you to clear a backlog of orders. A new member of staff could also bring new creative ideas to the business. Pick a good, trustworthy pair of hands, and they could even keep your business running if you ever wanted to take a vacation or a leave of absence.

Employing people might seem like an added hassle as you must find, train and even make sure an extra person is paid on time in accordance with the law. Luckily the same technology you use to start your business can help you deal with some of these problems. Submitting a job advert online now takes just a matter of minutes, and some sites like Facebook won’t even charge you for using their employment tool. Once you’ve chosen the right recruit, there are online payroll services for small business that can help you manage your payroll. Services like TriNet not only speed up the process but also offers you advice to make sure you comply with the requirements governing pay in any state.

Encourage repeat business

Once you’ve found that customer, make sure you hold onto them. Start an email newsletter, notifying them of the latest deals. Make sure your customer service is up to scratch so that they feel like a valued member of the business’s family. Maybe even offer them a discount voucher for being such a loyal customer.

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