How to Increase your E-commerce Sales

No matter how well (or not) your ecommerce store is doing, it can always do better.

And often, that “better” isn’t hidden behind expensive traffic buying, complicated split testing or overhauling your entire business process.

More often, it’s the simple things, like:

          reminding the customers that you exist with an offer that is simply too good to pass on,

          reaching out to them on a channel you’ve never reached out to them on before

          or bringing in new traffic with smart traffic generation techniques.

There are many easy ways that can quickly increase your ecommerce sales with minimal time investment on your part – but with maximal returns.

In this article, we will take a look at a few of them.

Your ecommerce checklist

Think of what you read below as a checklist.

Before you start searching for “advanced ecommerce tactics”, you should have all of these down, as they are the basics that will give you the most impact for your time and money invested.

Let’s start:

1.  Omnichannel marketing

Customers these days are fickle.

It’s not because they want to be that way – there is simple so much entertaining content out there that they move on fast, quickly forgetting about your offer.

So what’s the solution?

Hit them with it, again and again and again.

If you’ve tried email, try sending an SMS with special offers.

If you’ve tried traditional Facebook and Google ads, get on new platforms like Twitch and TikTok.

The more often you can find them (without being too pushy), the better are your chances of finding them in a buying mood.

2.  Paid traffic

Now, let me explain:

I know that many people see paid traffic as something risky, or as something advanced.

And, granted, both of these can be true.

But only if you do it wrong.

If you do it right, paid traffic is the key to scaling your ecommerce sales through the roof and towards the stars – or at least as far as ROI doesn’t drop.

Make as little as 1.1 dollars for every 1 dollar you spend on ads and you can scale as high as you want to, and even more if you generate 2-4 dollars ROI (which is very much possible with a great sales funnel).

3.  Existing customers

It is ten times more expensive to get a new customer than it is to keep and existing one.

Therefore, any store that focuses not only on bringing in new traffic, but on a large part of that traffic becoming repeat buyers, will have the most stable success in the long run.

Sure, sounds great, but what do I need to do?

First, make sure you can reach them.

Gather their information (appropriately, of course). Grab their name, email address, phone number, Facebook – anything that they are willing to give you.

Now, make sure that you periodically hit them up with cool offers, valuable content or even something funny sometimes (hint: it’s all about building an emotional relationship).

Next, you will want to create upsells.

An upsell is selling a product or a service after an initial sale has been completed.

For example, you sell a cheap ebook for $67 and upsell a $997 course to all who have bought it.

Upsells work well because:

1) You know that this customer already trusts you.

Because he already become your customer.

2) They are more likely to buy from you, since they did so already.

Call it what you want: trust, sunken cost fallacy or a simple thirst for more of what you offer, it’s a fact that buying something, seeing that what they bought is good stuff increases the chances of further purchases manifold.

3) Upsells can be very complimentary. (super useful for ecommerce)

Imagine you sell T-shirts. What are they usually paired with? Other clothes – which you can upsell. Even better, you can upsell the exact combinations that are the perfect match for their shirt – making it even more likely that they will like it and buy it.

4.  Optimize your sales funnel

There are many tactics you can use to increase your ecommerce store sales. You should think about every sales stage and improve your conversion rate throughout your sales funnel.

While thinking about how to increase sales you should think about how to optimize your sales funnel.

Everything you do, every activation, discount, email, it’s all part of the big picture of how you take people who know nothing about you to people who tell their friends about you.

It’s the basis of funnel theory and the key to long term success with any ecommerce business.

Also, don’t think that optimization is ever finished – it’s not. It can always be better. That’s why you need to test every new action. Use A/B testing to find the best ways to increase your sales and customer experience.

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