How to Communicate in Messengers: A Code of Rules for Business 

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The means of communication today are so diverse that sometimes it is difficult to remember which communication channel you used to communicate with this or that person. How to organize your business to communicate in messengers so that everyone feels comfortable? Is it appropriate to write on Instagram on business matters? Why is digital etiquette especially important today and how to follow it? Here are important rules and recommendations that will help you become the perfect digital interlocutor.

If you want communication to be effective, then respect the interlocutor and value their time and nerves.

Less Voice

If you can do without audio messages, then do so.

You may think that audio communication is convenient and fast, because you can listen to it even on the road. But in fact, not everyone has the opportunity to do this: you need headphones, silence, and concentration.

Also, you can’t find a specific task through the search function on voice messages. It’s better to write everything important in text. And better as a separate message. If you can’t do without audio, summarize in text what the message is about and why. The same goes for video messages.


Try to write correctly. Turn on T9 and autochecking just in case. Don’t use complex constructions and words if you’re not sure of their correct spelling.

Incorrect word usage can distort meaning and gross mistakes can ruin your reputation. Especially in business correspondence when documents and agreements are involved.

One Message, One Thought

Don’t write messages word for word. Don’t send one smiley face or sticker in a message. But neither will florid long-readings help your interlocutor get to the heart of the matter and solve it. Write simply, briefly, and to the point. If you need a right example, look at the lottery free spins ad where everything is simple but understandable.

Remember that every message is accompanied by a notification, whether it’s sound or backlighting of the screen. It’s distracting, and often even annoying, so don’t abuse your interlocutor’s loyalty before you’re locked out.

Answer Promptly

Ignoring problems won’t help you get rid of them. Silence is annoying and can lead to panic. If you can’t answer now, write when you can provide an answer. At least approximately. Any response is better than silence.

Use the Features of Your Messenger

Here are the main features available to most users:

  • Mentions. If it’s a group chat, mention the person the message is addressed to. The @mention command will help speed up communication and keep everyone in the chat room in the loop.
  • Reply is a lifesaver in times of multitasking. Give a different answer to each question. It will be easy for you, and pleasant for your chat partner.
  • Files. If you can send content in files, do it that way.
  • Trades. One more useful function – the tracks. When replying to a particular message, you can start a separate thread of a dialog and not lose all the messages on one topic.
  • Text formatting. Bold font accentuates, italics can serve as a footnote.
  • Search. Use search and write so your posts can be found by keywords or topics.
  • Reactions are instead of a thousand words. That’s what emoji are for, not to describe emotions and feelings in so many words.

Write Honestly

Sincere communication will accelerate your goal to Communicate in Messengers. The more direct you are with your questions, the harder it will be to dodge them. The more specific the task, the more likely it’s to be accomplished as quickly as possible.

Less Emotion, More Substance

At times, it seems impossible. But emotions are unnecessary in business correspondence. It’s wasted time and possible conflicts. Exhale, write the essence. Reread it. If you can abbreviate, be sure to abbreviate.

This doesn’t just apply to negative emotion. Lyrical digressions, florid statements, and long wishes for health and prosperity are also time-consuming. If you want to be understood quickly and accurately, keep it short and to the point.

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