How To Boost Your eCommerce Sales After Christmas

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The months before the Christmas and holiday season are always very popular with eCommerce sites, and many eCommerce businesses have their busiest times in November and December.

January is usually a popular month for sales shoppers, but it can be hard to keep that momentum going throughout the next few months which is traditionally quite a quiet time in retail and commerce.

It doesn’t need to be though, with a few small changes you can keep your eCommerce sales going throughout the year and avoid that all too common lull by the end of January.

Keeping Up The Momentum

Momentum is everything when it comes to commerce and retail, with shoppers increasing the frequency of buying things over time. Knowing this, it’s important that your eCommerce site is ready to get up and running whenever a new customer lands there.

Many sites think that they are prepared and ready for whatever needs doing, but what often happens is that they don’t do anything at all. This means you’re losing sales right away, not just in January when the most sales are made but throughout the year because those first few transactions will be lost forever.

The best approach to keeping up sales is always to prepare your site before you need it and make sure it is actually ready to have customers land there, so when they do, you’re able to make a good impression on them instantly.

Boosting Your Sales

Offer Customers a Discount Code On Their Birthday

Birthdays are one of the worst times of year to be reminded of your own mortality, but they are also one of the best times to raise brand awareness and refresh your mailing list.

With so many people on social media, it’s very difficult to get noticed unless you give away free stuff or do something outrageous to gain attention, and there is no better time to raise brand awareness than by giving something away for free.

A great way to raise awareness during the festive season is through a freebie code for any customer who signs up. This will a) encourage them to fill in your contact form and b) get your mailing list filled far earlier than you would normally expect.

By dividing the year into thirds, you can offer customers a very attractive deal on their birthday, knowing that they will appreciate the gift they receive even more because it was offered as a gift to them.

Use Social Media to Entice Customers

Social media is an excellent way of creating brand awareness and encouraging customers to buy from you, but it’s also an excellent place to communicate with existing customers, especially during the Christmas season.

Social media platforms such as Twitter, Facebook, and Pinterest can be used to brainstorm content ideas and events, but they can also be used to entice customers with special offers that they can’t get anywhere else.

People who are already engaged in your brand will be far more likely to buy from you than someone who has just stumbled across your website; so just like any other marketing campaign, it’s important that you keep them engaged.

Improve Your SEO

Search engine optimization (SEO) is a vital part of any eCommerce business, with many people now searching for the products they want to buy before they even know what the brand name is.

By optimizing your page properly, you can ensure that your site will be one of the first to appear when someone is searching for something for Christmas, meaning that you will have even more opportunities to sell products as soon as possible.

Building good SEO is not an easy task, however, and it’s usually best for businesses to invest in working with an affordable SEO company, this will help get you ranked quickly and ensure that your site will stay on the first page.

Be Honest With Your Customers

It’s important that customers trust you, especially if you’re a smaller business or just starting out. Customer trust is something that should be immediately visible to any customer surfing the internet, and one very good way of proving this to them is through a great return policy.

A good return policy will show that you’re confident in your product and also willing to go that extra mile for your customers, meaning that they are less likely to hesitate to buy a product.

It’s very important that you make sure your customers know what they can expect from you when they buy something, whether it be a refund or exchange or something else entirely.

If you’re honest with them they will appreciate your honesty and respond by trusting the fact that their purchase is protected by you, which can only help boost sales and customer loyalty.

Be Persistent

Sales come and go, but they are not a one-off. You may have a lot of sales in December during Christmas or early January, but if you’re not looking to entice your customers back to you then you’re going to be missing out on all that extra revenue.

Many eCommerce sites will be looking for sales during the Christmas period, and after the holidays it’s likely that there’ll be issues with the website or the business which can cause many customers to look elsewhere.

If they are left feeling like there is no other choice but to look elsewhere, however, they might find it difficult to return at all.

Make Your Site Mobile-Friendly

Mobile-friendliness is an extremely important factor for any website, customer or not. More and more eCommerce sites are now using mobile responsive sites, but many are still doing it the wrong way.

It’s very important that you test your website on a smartphone before submitting it to Google, because if it’s not mobile-friendly then customers will have trouble navigating around your site and may look elsewhere.

Mobile access is vital in today’s day and age, especially if you’re looking to attract younger customers with disposable incomes.

Offer instant shipping

It’s extremely important for any business to be able to offer a wide range of products for customers, but with so many people now buying online, this is even more important.

Customers now want to know that they will receive their purchases quickly, and if they don’t, they are far less likely to buy from you in the first place.

This means that you must offer an instant delivery service, especially if you have a high-value product. This can improve your sales depending on what type of product you have.

eCommerce Is Changing

The way eCommerce is changing is really interesting to watch, with most people now using their smartphone to purchase any kind of products, such as clothing and food. This means that eCommerce sites must now offer their products through an app or through a mobile responsive site.

It can be difficult for smaller businesses to keep up with online trends during the Christmas and holiday season, especially when they’re already struggling to meet their sales targets in the first place.

By focusing on the above points, you can make sure that your eCommerce site stands out from all of your competitors. The competition is fierce and these days it’s important for eCommerce sites just to keep up with the ever-changing industry.

Bottom Line: Your Customers Are Who You Need To Please

There is no doubt that customers matter, and if you want to be successful you need to listen to them and make sure your eCommerce site provides adequate support for them.

By being innovative in the ways that you market your business and by constantly improving your online experience, it’s very possible to set yourself apart from your competitors and win new customers in the process.

If you take the time to focus on these important elements of eCommerce marketing, they will help improve loyalty among your current clients as well as attract new ones in the future during the Christmas and holiday season..

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