How E-Commerce & Drive-Thru Has Changed The Food & Drink Sector Post Covid

Food and Drink Sector post Covid

The COVID-19 pandemic shut the world down and as everything is going back to normal, we have started to realize that some irreversible changes have happened. Many of these changes have been felt in the way we work, live, consume media, and even buy groceries and food. While workplace consumption of certain foods and drinks such as coffee fell, options like drive thru and app orders kept soaring. Ecommerce was also not left behind as people opted to keep shopping from online retailers. Today, we are going to look at how both of these have affected the drink and food sectors.

Faster and More Accurate Order Fulfillment

With people picking their products using pay-at-window options and with other drivers behind them, companies offering drive thru options have had to ensure they serve their customers faster to avoid dissatisfaction. People have come to expect this, and it has become the norm for companies to serve their customers faster. Accuracy is also a big deal, especially considering that we live in an age where businesses can be ruined on social media.

To ensure customers are getting quality and speedy services, many businesses have invested in technology that makes both of these possible. For example, businesses can now use the drive thru technology from RSS to ensure those taking orders can hear customers clearly. This saves time while ensuring the order taker has the right order before a customer pulls up. 

App Ordering

There is no longer any need to call a store to put an order in. For ecommerce stores and drive thru businesses, customers can place their orders conveniently through a designated app. Many of these apps also accept payments, making things a lot easier for customers. Once they do this, customers can either have their orders delivered to them or have a designated lane where they collect their orders without queuing. 

App ordering has increased capacities and convenience, and improved customer experience. Because businesses want to keep these benefits, we are likely to see more continue to accept this option going forward.

Easy Products Customization

Mobile ordering apps have also made order customization easier for those ordering from ecommerce and other businesses. Customers already know what they want, and complicated orders are likely to be messed up at a drive thru. However, customers can customize their orders right at home and wait for exactly what they ordered to be delivered as there is less pressure when customers use this option.

On-the-go Options

The pandemic has shown that people are open to easy-to-drink, portable beverages that have health benefits. Businesses will continue delivering drinks that tick all these boxes, whether their customers order through a drive thru window or at home through an app.

Digital shopping is not going anywhere, and it is only poised to continue growing as more people realize its convenience and businesses take advantage of it. This is true even in the food and drink sector where convenience, speed, accuracy, and customization options matter a lot to consumers.

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