How Does Google’s Hummingbird Work?

Ruby-throated Hummingbird In FlightWithin the past few weeks, Google made some big changes to their algorithm, known as Hummingbird. Named after how fast and precise it is, Hummingbird focuses on returning better search results. Here are a few key ways Hummingbird works:

  • Previously, Google would ignore certain words in a search. With Hummingbird, Google now considers all words in a search to better understand the context of the search and what the user is looking for.
  • This new update helps Google to be more perceptive and intuitive with search results. Hummingbird allows Google to be able to take a general search, understand the context and return search results that are more appropriate. Overall, Hummingbird is about the intent behind a search rather than just keywords.
  • Many of the changes with Hummingbird are directly related to the rise of mobile, especially for searches on the go, where a more natural, spoken language is used to search.

For businesses, Hummingbird is a great incentive to become the authority in your niche and offer answers that consumers are looking for. Content marketing is an excellent way to get started, especially blogging. Consider what questions people who may be interested in your product would have and answer those questions well. Think Q&A’s, DIY instructions, how-to’s and more. Since search is becoming more conversational, think in those terms as you write.

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