How A Houston Direct Mail Provider Can Help Grow Your Business

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In the digital age, traditional mailing services and online selling go hand in hand in growing businesses. If you’re not satisfied with your online marketing tactics alone, it’s high time to try direct mail marketing. 

Direct mail marketing refers to sending snail mails or any physical correspondence, such as postcards and brochures, to customers. The primary purpose of this marketing strategy is to encourage more people to patronize your brand or business.

In this article, you’ll learn how a Houston direct mail provider can help you grow your business if you’re based there, or you have target audiences in the area.

  1. Create Customized Mailers

Sending customized mailers to your prospects is an amazing way to brand your outgoing shipments with your company logo, marketing message, phone number, or your website. You can also make mailers your company’s moving advertisement and help maintain the package’s integrity (if you sell and ship products), preventing theft or tampering.

Here are the benefits of sending customized mailers to your prospects and customers:

  • Create A Good First Impression: A beautifully crafted mailer, such as a postcard with an image of a beautiful landmark, attracts prospective buyers and loyal customers alike.
  • Maximize Your Sales and Marketing Potential: Because the mail provider uses state-of-the-art printing equipment, you can entrust your mailers to maximize your marketing potential. Hence, when your prospects find your marketing message credible and your mailer impressive, there’s a high chance that they’ll check more of your information online and avail your products and services.
  • Achieve Your Sales and Marketing Goals: A Houston direct mail provider, like Catdi Printing, can help you achieve your sales and marketing goals to grow your business by creating personalized mailers for your target recipients. You can entrust your printing needs to this direct mail provider so you can kickstart your Every Door Direct Mail (EDDM) campaign.  
  1. Your One-Stop Shop For All Your Printing Needs

A Houston direct mail provider can help you grow your business by meeting your printing requirements. Regardless of the number of printouts you require, there’s always a way to accommodate your needs. 

Whether you have a small or large business, you can rely on the broad range of products and services that the reliable direct mail provider offers. 

Here are some of the printing services that a Houston direct mail provider can give you:

  • Graphic design like EDDM postcard design
  • Postcard printing
  • Flyers
  • Business cards
  1. Increase Brand Awareness with Postcard Mailing Campaign

Are you interested in running a postcard mailing campaign? If yes, then you need a proven design process to ensure that you maximize the great benefits of a postcard mailing. You can choose from standard postcard sizes, EDDM standard postcard sizes, and custom postcard sizes.

There is a wide array of postcard materials you can choose from depending on your preference, such as gloss or matte cover and printing options like embossing, foil stamping, metallic ink, and die-cutting.

A Houston direct mail provider can provide expert advice so you can achieve a successful postcard mailing campaign, such as the following:

  • Using bold headlines specific to your product or service offering.
  • Including a strong call-to-action (CTA) in your message for the recipients to take action and convert them to loyal clients. Personalized CTA converts 202% better as compared to standard CTAs. Hence, never estimate the power of personalized CTAs.
  • Using striking imagery relevant to your small, medium-sized, or large business.
  • Including a special offer or deal in your postcard mailing, as well as your contact information and other details you want to add. 
  1. Distribute Flyers Via Direct Mail or Door to Door 

Promoting a business, even a small business, can also cost a hefty amount of money. A Houston direct mail provider can help distribute flyers at a very low cost. In this way, you can stretch your small marketing budget while getting your flyers in front of your customers, which is a way to give them a pause from the digital marketing world. 

Giving away flyers can give you a great way to offer incentives or rewards for your potential and loyal customers. For instance, you can add a special coupon code, such as a 20% off coupon, to gain the interest of consumers and push them towards availing themselves of your products and services.

  1. Supports Your EDDM Direct Mail Marketing 

A Houston direct mail provider can help grow your business by supporting your Every Door Direct Mail program. The EDDM program is a United States Postal Service (USPS) initiative with the help of a Houston direct mail provider that allows businesses to mail postcards for an affordable price. 

The retail feature of the EDDM program is recommended for small businesses, realtors, restaurants, and local marketing campaigns. You can send 200 up to 5,000 pieces of postcards or mailers per ZIP code per day. Just drop off the EEDM mailers at the nearest USPS or post office in your area. You can pay directly at the post office or online. 

The Business Mail Entry Unit (BMEU) of the EDDM program is recommended for large volume mailers. There is no volume limit on the mailing size, and you can select multiple ZIP codes. You can drop off mailers at a major USPS mail processing center and pay a bulk mailing permit

This form of targeted advertising has many benefits to your business, such as the following:

  • Promote Your Business to A Specific Target: Send mails or postcards to where your target audience resides without needing to know their complete address. There’s no special mailing permit or list of addresses required for small businesses because USPS will deliver the mails according to the ZIP code you’re selected.
  • Combine Direct Mail and Online Marketing: You can attach promo codes that prospective and loyal customers can redeem online on your website. 
  • Affordable: The price per postcard or mail to send to your target audience is relatively cheap.


Are you ready to start your direct mail marketing campaign? Direct mail marketing goes hand in hand with digital marketing strategies. You can grow your business by combining traditional offline tactics with your online presence. Whatever number, size, and type of printouts you need, a Houston direct mail provider can help you meet your target. Don’t hesitate to contact a trusted printing company in Houston if you have further questions. 

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