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We are happy to introduce a hosting provider that has been slowly but steadily gaining popularity in the last two years thanks to its excellent features and affordable pricing. HostArmada opened its doors in 2019 and is a privately owned and independently funded web hosting company. The company’s vision is to provide cloud hosting service to everyone at an affordable rate while at the same time providing essential features that every website needs these days. The three pillars they stand by are Speed, Stability, and Security. HostArmada’s entire infrastructure and product portfolio revolve around these three postulates, and they keep adding more and more each year to enhance the status-quo further.

In this article, we will go over the pros and cons of HostArmada and introduce you to their services. Hopefully, it will be enough for you to give them a test drive and see if they meet your requirements!

Plans & Pricing

To accommodate the needs of every internet user in demand for web hosting, HostArmada created a rich product portfolio that appeals to different types of business. HostArmada has you covered with Cloud Servers of practically any caliber, whether start-ups or existing businesses.

Shared Cloud Hosting

Shared cloud hosting is excellent for new websites or ones with less traffic. What you can consider in this category is a website that gets from 0 to around 100000 visitors per month. Of course, there are exceptions to this. Depending on how well the website is optimized, it can handle far more than that, especially on servers tuned for performance, speed, and availability. HostArmada offers NGINX or LiteSpeed with their shared plans to ensure their servers are up to the task. These web servers boost your site’s speed and allow it to handle more visitors than a traditional shared server without them. 

HostArmada has designed three suitable shared cloud hosting plans for customers: The Start Dock, The Web Warp, and the Speed Reaper. Each of them gradually increases the resource availability to have peace of mind when you need to scale your business. These hosting solutions come at a very reasonable price, include many features, and 24/7/365 free premium support. You can forget about backing up your website as long as you are with HostArmada, as they got you covered in that instance! Depending on your hosting plan, you will receive up to 21 free daily backups held on a remote and secured server. You can restore the backup you need with a single click from your cPanel using intuitive backup software.

VPS Cloud Hosting

For people with advanced, high-traffic websites or web applications, HostArmada offers great dedicated options. These servers ensure your app or website can always count on the available resources, no matter what. These plans also come with a dedicated IP address, meaning you do not have to compromise your server’s IP address or share it with other users. These solutions are highly tweakable. Their team of experts will be happy to implement any setup you wish to have for your project or, in their experience, has provided great results for an application such as yours. You have four options for Cloud VPS solutions with HostArmada, and the price is fantastic!

Dedicated CPU Cloud Servers

The last type of service you can find with HostArmada is the Dedicated CPU Cloud servers. These high-availability plans focus on computing power and are on par, if not better than their bare metal counterparts. Cloud servers are the future, and HostArmada realizes this. They invest in it and develop their infrastructure purely around Cloud technologies. You should consider these powerful machines if you have a resource-heavy web app or website that needs every extra bit of computing power it can get its hands on! Like with the VPS Cloud servers, these solutions are scalable, highly-customizable and their team will handle all server-side tweaking for you so your app can run in the most optimal environment.


Speed is the single most sought-after metric in web hosting. Everyone likes a website that loads fast because of the user experience and because search engines prioritize it when ranking its content. To ensure all clients have a unique and smooth experience in terms of speed, HostArmada integrated NGINX and LiteSpeed on their infrastructure, offering customers the option to pick the web server most beneficial for their website. 

On top of that, they utilize modern SSD drives that reduce the execution speed of database queries and improve the I/O of the server, further contributing to that fast performance you need. Finally, HostArmada supports the latest available and stable PHP and MySQL versions, guaranteeing that your website will use the most up-to-date software and be in optimal conditions for speed.


Security is often a significantly underestimated aspect of a web server. Many fall victim to hackers and malicious scripts because they choose a service with poor security or a server that compromises security for cost efficiency. With HostArmada, you don’t have to sacrifice safety for affordability. 

Their system administrators have installed systems with AI machine learning that search for malware and freeze it in its tracks before it can even reach your website. On top of that, one of their security features completely isolates your account from all other users making sure that if someone gets infected – your files will remain safe. Lastly, but certainly not least, is the sophisticated malware detection option they offer that comes free of charge upon request. It will detect even the most evasive malware and script that hackers can embed deep within your files. You can set the scan to “kill on sight” or report and log all the files/scripts it detects. 


Stability is a feature of the web hosting server that can aggregate many things. For instance – stability can often refer to the uptime guarantee, which should not be less than 99.9%. If a provider does not offer this standard, you should not even consider them because it does not matter how fast or secure your website is if it is down, right? Another metric you can incorporate into the “Stability” feature is technical support, money-back guarantee, and a web hosting provider’s infrastructure. In terms of infrastructure, all their plans are Cloud-based. This fact means that stability is guaranteed, along with scalability and performance. 

Technical support is undoubtedly an essential aspect of a hosting service. Without adequate technical support, you need to compromise time to handle technical-related issues or requests unrelated to your website, which loses time and money if you want to develop your online business. A reliable support team saves you time, money, and nerves since they will handle all the server-related problems, and you can focus solely on your project. HostArmada offers three support channels – phone, live chat, and tickets, and all of them are very responsive to the live chat and phone being instant, and the tickets have an average reply time of 10 minutes. Finally, HostArmada offers a 45-days money-back guarantee. This option gives you peace of mind when purchasing, as if you are not satisfied with what they offer, you can get a refund and get back all your hosting expenses.


If you are looking for a cloud hosting provider that is highly invested in what they do and offers their service at a very affordable rate, then HostArmada is the provider you need to try! From what we have seen, their support team is unrivaled in their response time and professionalism. Their speed is also impressive due to the data center location options, which lets you target your users by strategically placing your website near their location. 

This fact improves their user experience a lot, and not only that – search engines such as Google will also rank your website higher because you will indeed outperform your competitor’s speed. The 45 days money-back guarantee gives you confidence and the peace of mind you need when signing up. If you are not happy with the level of service you receive, you can cancel at any time and receive a refund directly to your card. PayPal account – no questions asked!

Take our word for it and go and test HostArmada now! You can thank us later! 

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