Holidays & Tips For Selling Online

With the holidays come the busiest and most stressful times of the year. From a business perspective comes the questions such as, how much inventory to stock, when to run ads, where to run ads, how will I deliver my goods? A solid strategic and well-positioned marketing campaign can certainly help. Below are just a few tips to help you through.


E-commerce is exponentially growing with each day. This means dealing with product management, shipping, customer databases, marketing, and more! Some questions that can help narrow down your focus can be:

What type of customers and I selling to?

Why do they need my product?

Of my products which has the most impact on them?

How can I position my products to fit a holiday?

You must understand who, what, and where you intend to sell your products. Google Analytics is an incredibly powerful tool to help track and manage customer data flows. This information can help to determine where to drive your marketing and possibly who your customers are.


You now have an idea of where your customers are coming from but what products do they want? With Holidays you typically want to provide Gift or Holiday-specific products. Christmas trees for Christmas, Cards for Halloween, or even Chocolate bunnies for Easter. Those of course are very basic examples. In some cases, it may take some critical thinking to come up with a way for your products to conform to a given holiday. Change the product color, material, packaging, and more to fit a holiday’s specific color theme could be one dramatic example.

When it comes to promoting you want to build up your marketing well before the holiday itself. You want to make sure that everything with your campaign is prepped and ready. 


2020 has shown all business that social platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, YouTube, and more can have huge effects on lead and end-customer relationships. Each social contact can turn out to be a large influence to groups of new contacts. This style of marketing can certainly garner even greater attention to your products. Post videos, images, and blogs on these platforms can help your leads to understand what your product is about and how it will help them.

A great way to get your product into the light is through ads. This can be Google Ads, Google Shopping, Facebook marketplace, and more. You can additionally connect your CoreCommerce store to Google for example. In combination with Social Media posts, blog posts, videos, and images. All of these ads can come together to allow your products to gather more visibility and reach new leads. You will also want to promote your customers to leave reviews and posts about your products and how their experience has been. This can greatly improve relationships and even promote new ones.

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