Hiring a Virtual Assistant and Scaling Your Store

When your e-commerce store takes off and you are finding it difficult to handle all the responsibilities by yourself, you should think about hiring an assistant. Rather than paying for a full-time assistant who will report to your office or place of business, consider hiring virtual assistants (VAs), which is more cost-efficient.

You can outsource a virtual assistant and choose which person will be the most suitable according to the requirements of your business. If you are scaling your business and projecting to move on to your next target revenue, hiring the right e-commerce VA for various key tasks will give you more time to concentrate on your business growth. If you’re searching for the best place to find and hire virtual assistants for ecommerce business then visit Fillva.com.

Guide to hiring the right e-commerce VA while scaling your business

When you have reached a new milestone in your e-commerce business and embarking on its next phase, it is critical to focus on its expansion. You need more time to plan and strategize so you need an assistant who will handle most of the tasks that you used to do. VAs are trained to do specific tasks that clients require. 

  1. Identify all the tasks and the person who should handle them

This step needs focus, so you should not be distracted while taking the time to identify the tasks you need to delegate. There could be tasks that are related to other tasks. There could be stand-alone tasks that are bigger. Write every task you do and need to do, and prioritize them. The tasks that prevent you from performing your job as the president or CEO are the tasks that you should delegate. Next would be the tasks you do not want to do, those that take up too much time to accomplish, and those requiring the skills and experience you do not have. 

  1. Find a provider, interview candidates and hire them

Find several virtual assistance service providers and compare their services and rates. Read reviews and comments. Once you have made a shortlist, conduct interviews so you can learn more about them. A professional service provider will send you one candidate but you can request more to see who will fit your needs. Look at your task descriptions and expectations so you can discuss them during the interview.

  1. State your expectations clearly

Aside from discussing the details related to the tasks, the e-commerce virtual assistant you’re hiring should know what you expect from them. They are trained professionals but they should understand how they can best use their knowledge and skills to benefit your business. Before signing the contract, let them know your expectations.

After hiring the VA, set up a meeting with them. This is the time to discuss your business goals, how you communicate and work, and the way you run things at the office. It will also help to discuss your personal preferences and the things you dislike. 

You need to set up a good business relationship from the start. So, you should also ask the VA what they expect from you. Ask how they work. Knowing about each other will be a gauge to determine if you will be able to work well or not. 

Mutual respect is important. Understanding each other’s needs and expectations will make working with a virtual e-commerce assistant more comfortable. If you trust them to do their job, they will trust you to provide them with the things they need to know to help you.

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