Helpful Hacks to Increase Ecommerce Conversions

Increase Ecommerce Conversions

Do you want to increase ecommerce conversions? Do you have an ecommerce website that just isn’t bringing in the sales you’re looking and hoping for? If so, you’re not alone, many ecommerce business owners find it hard to convert visitors into sales, especially when they have just started out. Don’t forget, you are competing with thousands of other online stores. If you noticed how easy it was to start your business, you’d know why this is – there are so few barriers to entry these days that, although this is a good thing for you, it also means there will always be a lot more competition, making finding customers harder. 

To make the most of your ecommerce business and to ensure that you make the sales you need to, here are some helpful hacks. Put all or some of these into practice, and your conversion rates should improve. 

Use ‘FOMO’

‘FOMO’ (the fear of missing out) is a modern phenomenon that many people suffer from, and you can use this in your marketing and on your website to ensure that people buy from you when they first visit your website, rather than going away to think about things and potentially not returning. Of course, no one will want to miss out on a great opportunity to buy something, so if you can make it seem as though that’s exactly what will happen if they take their time, they are more likely to act. 

You can do this in two ways. The first is that you can suggest there is only a limited quantity of whatever item it is you’re selling. Secondly, you can have a time limit; the low price will rise after a certain amount of time, or the product will disappear completely. 

If you’re using this tactic, the one thing to remember is that you need to follow through on what you say. For example, if you say you have a certain amount or that pricing will change, that’s what needs to happen to keep your customers’ trust. 

Link To Your Social Media Accounts

Social media is responsible for a lot, good and bad. When it comes to your ecommerce store, it can be a very good thing. Simply by linking your store to your social media accounts, you can convert a lot more visitors into sales. Facebook used to be the ultimate site to use, but Instagram is edging forward, and depending on the kind of business you run, this might be a better one to use. First, however, you’ll need to do your research and determine your target market; use the social media account they are most likely to use for the best reach. 

You can easily showcase your products on social media and gain interest in that way. Plus, if you do this right, it won’t look like advertising; it will simply look like an interesting post. With a link to help a customer buy what they are seeing, you can easily bring people to your site and convince them to buy. Compare business productivity software such as CoAmplifi to ensure your marketing campaign is one that will make the most of your budget and target the right people. 

Write Good Descriptions

Simply because there are so many competitors for your site, and because today’s customers are a lot savvier with what they do with their money, gone are the days when you could just put a photo of the product up on your site and tell people how much it costs. You need a good description so that any customer has all the information they need. 

If a customer has to take the time to ask a question, wait for an answer, or do their own research, they may well choose to look at a different site instead. Give them as much information as you can at the start, and it will be easier for them to buy. 

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