Google confirms it gives HTTPS stores higher search rankings [VIDEO]

Google announced in June that it was giving a boost in it’s search engine results to websites that use encryption (https). This means that CoreCommerce stores that use https as their storefront URL are given a higher search engine results ranking. It’s not known how much of a boost, but if Google says it–you can count on it.

This means that you should strongly consider the following:

  1. Install a secure certificate for your domain name. (how to details)
  2. Reconfigure your header/footer to use secure image calls. (https not http)
  3. Change your merchantURL to use a secureURL.
  4. Ensure your robots.txt file doesn’t use noindex or block any https site from crawling it.
  5. Change your navigation links to all point to a secureURL.

Video here:

We will be implementing some changes over the next few months to make this the default when building a CoreCommerce store. Stay tuned for exact details.

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