Getting the best from your online business

To get the best from your online business, you need to keep track of your website, social media profiles, and any blogs or articles which you use to get your business noticed and your products sold.

Making sure that you come across as friendly and yet professional while gaining the trust and following of any potential customers. Keeping links within everything that you write so that viewers can go straight to your website to read more and maybe make a purchase or leave their details so that you can sell to them directly.

Ensure that your website is user-friendly and that visitors can navigate it easily, have more than one way potential customers can contact you. Some people prefer to hear a voice on the phone rather than just deal in emails. Include somewhere on your website a place where your potential customers can meet you and your team by way of photos and a little bit of information. This will help the customer relationship form quickly.

Getting yourself organized

There is a real importance to getting yourself organized when you are running your own business. Although for some of us, organization is something that really comes easily and naturally, to others, it is a real struggle and something that has to be worked at.

The easiest way forward on this is to organize your work area and keep it the same. Remove any items that you do not need. This will help eliminate distractions and procrastination. Keep the area clean and tidy. 

Only have the items that you need on a daily basis to hand, and make sure that everything has its place. Schedule your day’s work before you start, either first thing in the morning or the night before, to make sure that the important jobs get done and are not just shuffled to the bottom of the pile due to preference for nicer jobs.

Once you have this under control, you can concentrate on moving your business forward to new heights.

Working out your storage issues 

If you are producing or selling items, as your business grows, you will probably have to start thinking about storage facilities. If your business is growing at a rate of knots, this could mean warehouses. Either way, you will probably benefit from an ecommerce fulfillment provider to help with picking and packing your orders, shipments, and any returns.

It is really important to organize any storage area you have carefully and well. If you are thinking of having a warehouse, this is even more so.

If you are starting off small, working from home. Then probably the first step from storage in the home is to rent a storage container. There are many different sizes available at different prices. If you rent a storage container within a compound, they will have all the relevant security in place, and depending on their rules depends on how much access you can get to your stuff and how much notice you have to give. 

The other option is to have a storage container put on your property. The size of this obviously depends on how much outdoor space you have, whether you get on with your neighbors and if there are any state regulations or rules about being able to have mobile storage on your property. You will also have to think about security and any extra insurance for the items within the container.

When you have outgrown the largest storage container, it is then that you should be looking at renting premises of some sort to keep your goods in. This will not come cheap, but it will enable your business to grow and grow. 

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