Fun Ways Your Business Can Give Back

iStock_000010449950XSmallAround the holiday season, many businesses find creative ways to give back to their community. Consumers love to make purchases from companies with a social aspect that also benefits others in need. Here are a few fun ways your business can give back this season:

  • Donate a percentage of sales to a local nonprofit. Find a local nonprofit or community project that fits with your business or product and donate a percentage of sales for a limited time.
  • Buy one, give one. If your products could benefit a nonprofit or people in need, try a “buy one, give one” promotion. When a customer purchases a product, donate a product(or something similar) to someone in need. Consumers love to purchase with a cause!
  • Feature products. Choose a few best selling products and donate a percentage, monetary amount or product for each one sold.

Once you have the details of your promotion, there are many ways to spread the word! Try these:

  • Create promotional images/graphics that are easily shareable to post via social media!
  • If you are giving to a nonprofit, connect with their staff and find opportunities to work together to cross promote to their donors, such as a e-mail, newsletter or social media posts. Often those who give to a nonprofit enjoy knowing about(and taking part in) this type of promotion.
  • Change up your social media headers to reflect the promotion, including details and other important info, such as the benefitting nonprofit’s logo and mission.

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