From CEO Michael Thompson

March 15, 2016

To our valued customers:

We are working hard on improvements to our SaaS based eCommerce platform to constantly make your experience with us easy and allow you to focus on growing your business. We have many exciting things in the pipeline, so keep reading if you want a glimpse into what is happening at CoreCommerce.

Since January we have added 5 new staff to enhance products and take our business to the next level.

How does this affect you?

Basically, we are delivering product enhancements and taking steps to  improve our communications with you. At the end of the day, relationships are based on quality communication, and we will be communicating to you more often, and in different ways, while also genuinely seeking your continual input. To foster communication, we will be re-introducing our customer forum to capture your ideas and issues.

The first blog entry I made a few weeks ago resulted in a handful of customers sending ideas for enhancements. As a result, we have now introduced over 15 feature enhancements to the system, saving those clients many hours per week in manual processes. Those items will be added to a new “Latest Features” feed on the admin dashboard so you can be aware of them and can begin using them, if desired.

Recent enhancements we have released within the past few weeks:

  • Administrative dashboard global search
    • Enables users to conduct a keyword search of the entire admin dashboard
    • The global search returns results for orders, customers, products, vendors, etc. containing the keyword
    • Global search displays all results in one easy-to-read screen
    • Search results are interactive; click to navigate to that product, customer, order or vendor
  • New device-friendly, “mobile responsive” templates
  • Easily switch back to previously installed templates (template customizations remain intact)
  • Consignment sales functionality
    • Manage consigned products, revenue sharing and settlement reports.
  • Liquidation sales functionality
    • Opt to exclude liquidated products from sitewide discounts
    • Liquidated products are automatically removed when inventory level reaches 0.
  • Warehouse item locator
    • Tag products with warehouse locations (unique text field)
    • Location tags are printed on packing slips for easy product fulfillment.

Enhancements we plan to release in the near future:

  • Administrative dashboard update
    • Clean, modern look
    • Easier, more streamlined navigability
    • Live notifications alert you regarding new orders and order status updates
    • Global search functionality
    • Interactive customer forum
  • New integrations to:
    • 3rd party applications for shipping and fulfillment
    • New payment gateways
    • CoreCommercePay: Our own payment services with competitive rates, and enhanced services such as recurring billing
    • Enhanced Paypal features
    • Fraud screening and guarantee services
    • Accounting and a payroll services

I hope you will participate in some surveys that we will be doing over the next few months to capture more information about you, your business and the types of services you would like to see provided by CoreCommerce. In the meantime, I am taking personal requests, so feel free to reach out and let me know what we can build for you that will help you improve efficiency, and allow you to drive more sales.

Until next time,

Michael Thompson

CEO, CoreCommerce

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