Follow These Trends: 12 Best drop-shipping Products for 2022

Many things may be uncertain about the following year, but the success of online shopping isn’t one of them. ECommerce and drop-shipping are here to stay. Instead of going to shops, it is much more convenient to buy things online than to go to shopping centers. Therefore, Internet retail businesses keep flourishing around the world. 

At the same time, online businesses are constantly looking for more efficient ways to sell their products. If you would like to know more about the benefits of drop-shipping and the high-demand products for 2022, stay tuned. We are about to explore that together.

Drop-shipping In a Nutshell

You can think of drop-shipping as a more advanced level of eCommerce. Although eCommerce is a virtual shop, they have to do a lot of logistics, because they still have inventory to store. With drop-shipping, it’s different. By definition, drop-shipping is an order fulfillment method that doesn’t require you to store products because you are only a third party, an intermediary between suppliers and the customers.

If this sounds too good to be true, think again. There are even sourcing services and agents in China that help drop shipping businesses get in touch with manufacturers. This is happening because it is a win-win situation. While the manufacturers handle the production and shipping, it is your job to manage the online orders, distribution, and marketing for them. 

Put simply, drop-shipping is one of the best existing start-up ideas for people who want to start with little resources. Besides, it is a minimum risk endeavor, because manufacturing and delivery aren’t your responsibility.

Things are very easy with drop-shipping.  In fact, it is so easy and pays off so well, that a lot of eCommerce businesses start outsourcing their shipping and fulfillment services. As your goal is to maximize sales, it is in your interest to offer products that people want. Therefore, building a brand and monitoring the market trends is crucial for your success in the drop-shipping business.

Most eCommerce platforms are welcoming drop-shipping as well. This flexibility is a great thing about online businesses. It is as easy to migrate to Shopify from other platforms as it is to make a brand new drop-shipping website.

How to identify top-selling products?

Since hunting best-selling products is your primary concern if you own a drop-shipping business, how do you know which to choose? There are billions of different products all around the world. 

In truth, it is easier than you might think. There are several ways for you to explore the market, and here they are.

Explore curated lists on specialized websites

There are websites, such as Thieve and Pexda, where you can find and read about top trending products on the largest buying portals. These websites are treasure-houses of ideas for your retail business. 

AliExpress, Amazon, and eBay

These three websites are the world’s greatest shopping portals. Each of these websites has a trending section, which you can use to keep track of the most popular purchases.

Facebook groups, social media, forums, and other online resources

Facebook has a large drop-shipping community. There are various groups where your colleagues share their experiences, including best-selling products. The same goes for forums and social media.

Google trends

As we all know, since it was founded, Google knows everything, and the current drop-shipping trends are no exception. Besides, Google also has historical data, based on which it can make predictions for the future.

Sell The Trend

Sell The Trend is the All-In-One Dropshipping tool you will need. They have an extensive Dropshipping Product Research Tool. With the NEXUS Product Explorer you get a powerful and user-friendly tool created for identifying trends, selecting products, assessing competition, and choosing suppliers in an effortless way.

Best Drop-shipping Products

A brief remark before we get to the list of top-selling products at the moment. According to drop-shipping experience so far, the winning products to dropship usually balance between the following criteria:

  • price
  • appealing look
  • rarity
  • usefulness

The perfect product for your customers has the lowest possible price, while everything else should be at a high level. But of course, there is no perfection. In reality, if your product excels in at least two or three of these parameters, you’re in the game.

On the other hand, what you want is to offer a product that is cheap, popular, and has low sales competition.

Now, let’s see some of the most interesting products that might fulfill these criteria and bring you a lot of sales in the following year.

  1. Gaming headphones

The gaming industry has been growing for some time now, but it really exploded in 2020, when the lockdown began. As there was not much to do, a lot of people decided to entertain themselves with gaming. Therefore, being a supplier of good and cheap gaming headsets could be a very profitable idea next year. 

  1. Wooden watches

Every action has a reaction, so the ongoing hi-tech trend is opposed by the hipster subculture. One of the products that would be appealing to the growing number of people who wish more natural materials around them is a wooden watch. A highly original product with significantly growing demand.

  1. Hair growth serums

According to Google Analytics, In only one year and a half, the demand for hair growth serums grew 50%. There seems to be a lot of people dissatisfied with their hair, mostly men. Therefore, do your best to help! Choose the manufacturer with the best price-quality ratio, and give it a shot. Results might surprise you.

  1. Organic tea

Health has been our major preoccupation in the last two years, and it probably will stay that way for some time. Coffee is a favored but mostly unhealthy drink, so tea seems to be a much better replacement. Therefore, the tea market experiences a growing demand. You would thrive especially if you focus on rare teas such as macha, Chaga, turmeric, and so on.

  1. Yoga mat

With the rising popularity of remote work, yoga emerged as a favorite in-home recreational activity. Therefore, the yoga mat is a product whose popularity isn’t going to drop any time soon. The tricky thing here is to beat the competition since there are a lot of places where you can buy yoga mats at the moment. 

  1. Wiper blades

Who would say wiper blades are so popular items? But indeed they are. 

While the eco-activists dream of a world without cars, this world is unfortunately far away from us. Until things change, we will continue to use cars on a daily basis. And as long as this happens, we will need various gadgets for our vehicles. Probably because they are on the outside, and are therefore prone to damage, wiper blades are one of the most wanted car accessories. They are certainly something to think about in the following year. 

  1. Calligraphy pen

Various kinds of creative crafts are getting popular among adults. There are indications that it has to do with people practicing mindfulness and similar anti-anxiety techniques. In any case, calligraphy is a quite popular hobby, and if you are thinking about selling art online, it could be a great drop-shipping venture idea for you.

  1. Air fryer

Here is another item for foodies and those into a healthy lifestyle. It is a product that enables people to prepare and eat healthy fried food. No wonder it is so popular! Thanks to the newest technologies, air fryers became very popular around 2017 and will continue to do so in 2022 as well.

  1. Sleep gummies

For some people, chronic insomnia can be a very serious condition and cause a lot of troubles in their private and professional life. However, there are many more people with less severe sleeping disorders, looking for a simple and easy solution. Usually, they tend to look for medicaments that are plant-based and that don’t require prescriptions. Sleep gummies are a perfect solution for many.

  1. Memory foam pillows 

If you are enthusiastic about raising the nation’s quality of sleep, here is another drop-shipping idea for you. The consequences of inadequate pillows are a serious pain in the neck and shoulders. Therefore, memory foam pillows are in high demand, and you can expect a lot of people to be interested in these products in the following year. 

  1. Welcome mats

Although their primary function is cleaning shoes, these items are a great contribution to home design. They come in various colors, designs, and sometimes creative and funny inscriptions. Besides, they are a great gift, which makes them a great product to sell.

  1. Essential oils

We are going back to the new age and healthy lifestyle megatrends. Our sense of smell is our oldest sense, and smells are the most memorable sensations for our brain. Yet, it is the most neglected sense for people living in the cities. Therefore, people need essential oils so that they remind their senses of nature, to refresh the rooms, or for health reasons. A lot of people use essential oils for massage and even spiritual purposes.


Now you know what you need to know if you are thinking about starting a drop-shipping business next year. Once you get the idea of what you would like to sell, you’re half done. The only things left for you to do are building a website, designing a marketing strategy, and getting some accounting tools for SMEs, to keep track of your income, taxes, and other paperwork. And that’s it, you are on your way to your dream job!

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