Finding the right talent for the ecommerce sector 

The ecommerce industry has grown significantly over the past few years, especially after the Covid outbreak, which pushed consumers and companies toward the online environment, pressing fast forward on digital transformation. Therefore, the sector is brimming with opportunities for both ambitious entrepreneurs and motivated job seekers. But the high demand for talented professionals in the ecommerce field also means that the competition for the best talent is heating up. 

It has become harder than ever for businesses and agencies to find and attract top candidates, and that stresses the need for developing adequate strategies and methods to improve the recruitment process and match the right people with the right job. The expansion of the ecommerce sector and its increasing complexity has given rise to a multitude of roles encompassing a wide array of responsibilities. So, as an agency, it’s absolutely crucial to understand what you’re up against and be aware of the challenges that come with the task of recruiting for ecommerce if you want the process to run smoothly. 

What’s behind the ecommerce boom? 

If you’re going to recruit for a highly competitive and rapidly evolving industry, you have to gain a profound knowledge of the field and find out how things work and what happens behind the scenes. The more you know about the specifics of the ecommerce sector, the easier it will be to develop a recruitment strategy that will fulfil the needs of the companies you work with and the candidates you select.  

Multiple factors have led to the staggering growth of ecommerce on a global scale. The numerous technological advances and innovations we’ve witnessed over the years and the increased use of smart devices have blurred the lines between the physical and virtual worlds, bringing everyone closer together. Other aspects such as the wider variety of options, personalised experiences, ease of access and convenience also brought their contribution to the development of the ecommerce sector. 

Statistics show that in 2021 global retail ecommerce sales were estimated at almost 5.2 trillion U.S. dollars. The rising trend is expected to continue in the upcoming years and reach around 8 trillion dollars by 2026. It’s, therefore, safe to say that ecommerce has turned into a global phenomenon over a relatively short period of time, and this is only the beginning. Ecommerce companies continue to emerge left and right, with China, the US and India in the leading positions. This is good news for consumers and the market at large as there is more money flowing in the industry than ever before. However, for companies, it means that the battlefield for finding the right talent has expanded considerably and now encompasses players all over the world. And obviously, recruitment agencies have their work cut out in this sector. 

Most in-demand ecommerce jobs

A big part of the recruitment process has to do with understanding how the supply and demand dynamic works and identifying the areas that you need to focus on. In ecommerce, like in any other industry, some jobs are more coveted than others, so let’s take a look at some of the most in-demand ecommerce roles at the moment.

Software engineering

Given that ecommerce activities take place in the online environment, the fact that there’s a high need for skilled software engineers comes as no surprise. These professionals are responsible for building the framework for ecommerce businesses and platforms, so their skills are required at every level. 


There’s an intricate logistical network behind the scenes that ensures customers enjoy a smooth and seamless experience from when they place their order to when they receive it. It takes a massive amount of work, effort and skills to provide this level of service, which is why there are plenty of available positions in ecommerce operations.   


The purpose of any ecommerce business is to increase sales and revenue. For that, they need a strong sales team to implement effective strategies and oversee each sales process step. Therefore, there’s a constant need for talented sales representatives, account managers and executives in the field. 


There’s tough competition in the ecommerce market, which stresses the importance of building effective marketing strategies in order to stand out from the rest and attract customers. This explains the numerous openings for marketing positions in ecommerce. 

Recommendations for recruitment specialists 

From a recruiter’s perspective, the ecommerce industry is as exciting as it is challenging. Fortunately, nowadays, recruitment agencies have a wide array of tech tools and solutions at their disposal to support their activity. Dedicated software such as Timesheet Portal’s Recruitment Edition can simplify and streamline a series of processes, from time tracking to billing, ensuring greater control and efficiency. 

However, beyond tech advancements, there are other aspects that agencies have to focus on when recruiting for the ecommerce sector. First of all, you have to unlock the potential of passive talent. A lot of talented professionals in ecommerce already have a job, but that doesn’t mean they’re not open to new opportunities. They just need a push, so you have to research the market, reach out to these potential candidates and make them an offer.   

Other times, what you need might be right in front of you – or in your database, to be more precise. Improving your data analysis strategy can help you find the right match for an ecommerce position among your past and current applicants. 

Providing accurate job descriptions that contain detailed information about the responsibilities and essential functions of each position is just as important. Ecommerce roles tend to be advertised in an ambiguous and sometimes confusing manner, lowering the chances of attracting the right candidates.  

Last but not least, you have to act fast when recruiting professionals for ecommerce positions. Once a candidate decides to change jobs, they’ll be approached with offers from other companies and agencies, so you have to be able to move quickly through the different hiring stages

Recruiting for ecommerce can feel like a rollercoaster at times, but with the right strategies and approach, it can also make for a very rewarding and fulfilling activity. 

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