Essential Business Tools For Every Young Entrepreneur

Your Guide to the Top Essential Business Tools

Using these essential business tools means you can start an online business. Running it means that you will have to take care of many different aspects. In addition, there are quite a few tasks that a young company or an individual entrepreneur has to take care of in order to achieve business goals, grow, save time and money. Not only that, you need quality business tools to get things done in a professional manner.

These days, you can get a software tool for just about every job related to your business niche. From writing a business plan and creating visuals to marketing plans, conducting large-scale customer experience surveys, and tracking traffic or sales and business growth. You have online access to dozens of services to help you accomplish your tasks, from L&D tools like an LMS to valuable sales management software solutions In this article, we’d like to share a list of essential tools you can use to successfully run your online business. With that said, let’s get to it!

Top Essential Business Tools for Young Entrepreneurs


The first step towards starting a business can be very overwhelming. 
After all, most of us are pretty much clueless about where to start from. A business plan can help you with setting up and growing your business.

With clear strategies and actionable steps, a business plan can help you cross any hurdle!
Upmetrics’s business planning software can help you write a well-rounded business plan faster. You can not only use it for strategizing but for pitching to your investors as well.
Here are a few features that the software offers with its popular plan:

  • Business Plan Builder
  • Financial Forecasting
  • Pitch Deck Creator
  • 5 Canvas / Workspace
  • 2 Members / Workspace

You can get access to a higher number of workspaces and canvases with its premium plan.

They also offer a 15-day money-back guarantee if it isn’t what you want.


Does your team use email to communicate? If so, you need EmailAnalytics.

This tool visualizes your team’s email activity, showing you metrics that every manager should know, such as how many emails each person in your organization sends and receives every day, and even their average email response time.

Email response time is a major KPI for sales and customer service teams; 35-50% of all sales go to the vendor that responds first. And 100% of customers prefer faster email responses 😉

EmailAnalytics customers boast a 42.5% faster email response time than non-EmailAnalytics customers, and that leads to a 16% increase in sales, on average.

So if you’re a young entrepreneur and you have a team that communicates via email — whether with vendors, prospects, leads, customers, or any other stakeholders — then go get EmailAnalytics.

EmailAnalytics offers a 14-day free trial, with no credit card required. Thereafter, pricing starts at just $5/user per month.


Founded in 2012 in Australia, Canva is an online service for creating elements of graphic design, from illustrations for social media to layouts for printing and even a new online video editor. Canva offers users to create large-resolution files and even download finished projects as vector files. Because of this, Canva is great if users or start-ups wish to use their designs on promotional products to increase awareness or sales. The high-resolution files will make sure the design looks sharp on the printed products, such as posters, flyers, or t-shirts.

Canva is a great assistant for businesses that need unique design solutions. It allows you to share your graphic design ideas on social media and provides tons of templates, fonts, styles, and background images to create designs.

The key advantage of this editor is its simplicity. Canva tries to make design accessible to everyone, even those who can’t draw. The service is available both on a paid and free basis. 

The paid version, of course, includes a lot more features:

  • 100GB or more is given for design and downloaded file storage;
  • Use all templates (400,000+);
  • Upload your own fonts and create your own corporate color palette;
  • Use professional support;
  • Work on one design simultaneously with your colleagues.


Taggbox is a user-generated content platform for marketers to increase user engagement, build brand trust, and boost conversions. You get solutions to discover and display UGC across all brand touchpoints like webpages, digital displays, eCommerce, email campaigns, hashtag campaigns, social ads, and much more. It empowers marketing strategies with brand advocacy & social interactions among users & the brand. Taggbox is equipped with a premium suite of products that offer enterprise-level UGC solutions:

  • Display

Maximize brand awareness, drive leads, ROI, audience engagement & boost growth with social media display walls in events, digital signages, & hashtag campaigns. 

  • Widget

Accelerate your brand performance by curating & publishing social feeds, UGC, hashtag campaigns & reviews on webpages, email campaigns, and other touchpoints.

  • Commerce

Boost conversions & customer engagement by offering friction-free shopping experiences with UGC, social commerce feeds, & other visual shopping solutions.

  • UGC Rights

Repurpose UGC in your campaigns legally by getting direct rights from users and avoid any legal implications.


simpleshow has created explainer videos for corporate customers for years. With simpleshow video maker, we have used all our experience and developed a simple online tool that empowers anyone to make professional videos.


Videos are one of the most interactive forms of outreach for a business or brand. Many companies are using more and more video-based content to reach their customers and users. However, to make your video look professional, it must also deliver a strong message or a Call to Action, depending on your video’s nature. Using an online video editor like InVideo you can deliver your message using high-quality templates and an expansive range of font styles and animations. This makes your video appear more professional than ever.


EasySendy Pro is an all-in-one email marketing platform that allows you to carry all your various marketing channels together and accelerate traffic, a higher conversion rate, and better ROI for online geeks, marketers, small businesses, and startups.

Using EasySendy, email experts and marketing professionals can create and push successful campaigns through different SMTP relays like Amazon SES, Mandrill, SendGrid, Sparkpost, Leadersend, MailGun, SendinBlue, and more.


CoSchedule is the best way to plan your marketing and save time. Create your marketing plans and schedules for your team members via a master calendar and collaboration with your team members. The plugin was designed for agencies, sole proprietorships, and startups looking to organize the content of their WordPress site. You can also market your blog posts. 

CoSchedule allows you to create a schedule for posting tweets and collaborate effectively with your team. Schedule when you want to publish your new blog or social media post,  assign roles to your team of writers with deadlines. 

When you schedule a new post in CoSchedule, the plugin automatically allows you to add social media posts that will be sent along with your blog post when you publish it. Add your blog posts to CoSchedule, and the plugin will sync the content with your WP site and publish it on a set date.

CoSchedule easily integrates with many tools, including LinkedIn, Pinterest, Google Calendar, Google Drive, and all social media.


Instapage is a premium advertising service that offers many advertising and marketing tools to help you increase conversions. The company is well known for its advanced landing page builder but it has so much more than that.

In addition to a feature-rich landing page builder, Instapage offers many options for personalization and experimentation with advertising. Its AdMap tool can also help you visualize the visitor journey.

Instapage’s tools help automate the advertising funnel that customers go through after signing up for your email list or clicking on one of your ads.

Create mobile web pages that automatically adjust to multiple devices with different screen resolutions. Pages can be optimized for conversions by tracking visitors’ actions and analyzing their behavior. Instapage also offers A/B testing.


Mailchimp is one of the most popular mailing services and a great tool for building an email list that also allows you to automate your marketing. It’s loved for its large number of email templates, handy functionality, and the fact that it keeps your subscriber base “clean” by unsubscribing nonfunctional email addresses. 

Mailchimp subscription forms can be embedded into almost any site or social networking page. 

If you have less than 2,000 emails per month and you will not send more than 12,000 emails per month, you will not need all templates and options, you can use it for free. However, you will have to pay for extra subscribers and features. Because of its powerful capabilities, hundreds of well-known companies use this platform.


Evernote is the perfect choice to keep your notes safe with you on mobile devices. You can also link your notes, add audio notes, tables, checklists, etc.

In simple terms, it’s a software tool for creating, storing and synchronizing all user notes with multiple devices. The dev team positions it as the best and most elaborate replacement for a paper diary. In fact, it’s an e-book with excellent visualization of all functions.

Thanks to the data synchronization function, users can share notes, photos, videos, or soundtracks. When you add a file to the storage, it will instantly show up on all devices that are connected to your account. Evernote makes it easy to level-up your project management skills.

Evernote features:

  • Save it all. Evernote is a tool for work, study, and personal life. Both a memory and a large-scale personal company project can be recorded in the app’s digital space. This is especially appreciated by successful project managers, who like to keep everything restructured and shelved;
  • Synchronization with all clients. All content is instantly saved online so users can access a note or a screenshot on any device. If for some reason the new information is not saved, you can synchronize it manually;
  • Collaborate on your document. Through Evernote, you can share your notes with friends, colleagues, and family members. In-built business tools and work chat help establish communication between employees, which is very important for teams focused on interactions. 


Hotjar is a well-designed tool that allows you to get to know visitors of your web resource and its mobile version. With it, you can also find out what they need and understand exactly what they do on the site. Thanks to the website user monitoring tool, you can effectively optimize your landing page, collect feedback, and, as a result, improve your visitor experience.

Hotjar helps you understand your users quickly and efficiently by visually displaying their clicks and scrolling. All this knowledge is displayed as a heatmap that helps you see the following information:

  • Site elements that are of interest to users;
  • Active/ignored CTA buttons;
  • Visitors that scroll through your entire site.

You can record a session of site users and literally watch all user actions from their perspective, e.g. observe how they navigate, find out where exactly they hesitate, or, vice versa, what appeals to them.

In addition, Hotjar offers the ability to create online surveys. This allows you to ask your site visitors an unlimited number of questions, e.g. how they found out about your product/service. You can invite people to fill out a survey directly from any page on your site, based on certain behaviors, such as a moment of hesitation or a noticeable intention to leave the page. Nimble Made attributes their better understanding of customer intent and interaction to the robust features of Hotjar. Additionally, Hotjar could be integrated easily with website builders and CMS such as Shopify, BigCommerce, Magento or WordPress.

If you’re looking to conduct large scale surveys, choosing an omnichannel survey software can be helpful. 


This tool helps employees organize and manage projects, create and track to-do lists, assign tasks to teammates, set deadlines, and communicate. It also includes reporting features, file attachments, and calendars. Asana is quite flexible and can be customized to satisfy individual purposes. The tool changes and evolves as the competence and awareness of the team grow.

Asana is mainly used for customer relationship management (like a CRM system), which allows startups to better define and control every step of their sales process.

You can manage leads throughout the entire sales process, from prospect status, support, and follow-up to closing the deal. Asana will give you the ability to create your own CRM rules tailored to your business needs.

The main feature of Asana is the organization and maintenance of the ever-growing number of leads (potential customers), which are qualification tags that describe a customer (new, active, “cold,” “hot”) or an action you should perform (e.g., make a call or call back). For example, a potential customer who has shown an interest in buying your product (say, requesting a price list) is called “hot.” Customers who are more likely to stop paying for your services or opt-out directly affect your churn rate.

Asana contains an API for third-party developers that provides tools to software read, input, and create automation tools within a great service. In short, all of these benefits allow you to set up your startup team in a unique way.


Mixpanel is a feature-rich analytics tool that combines the best of Google Analytics and Mailchimp. With Mixpanel, you can better understand your users, their actions, see how people use your product, whether they come back after you add or upgrade features. It tracks user interactions with web services and mobile apps, providing tools to target conversations with them, and analyzes content inside and outside of your site.

With Mixpanel, you can collect data about users and track how they navigate, what they do, when they return, and if they return at all, the path they take on the site, where they leave this or that page, their reactions, and so on. You have full access to a real-time history of their actions on the site. This allows you to understand behavior that drives visitors to your site.

You can link Mixpanel to forms so that user data is stored in it. Thanks to this, you have the possibility to create automatic campaigns (e.g. emails or push notifications) that start working when a certain condition is met. Say, a user who registered more than seven days ago has just logged in but hasn’t run a trial yet, or logged in once but hasn’t returned within 30 days.


WiseStamp is an email signature generator with a free and paid subscription. This tool is the easiest way to set up a professional email signature, which makes it the best way for any upstarting entrepreneur to leave a good first impression when conducting email outreach.

This tool gives you extensive design and customization options for making your email signature to your preferred specifications. It has a gallery of signature templates you can use and an app library with all the features you may need to add to your signature for Branding, Marketing, HR, Sales, and so on.

WiseStamp has built their solution to grow as you grow, so as you add more employees to your business you can also create more email signatures for each new arrival with only the marginal cost being added. Even if your business skyrockets and you recruit a hundred new positions you will be able to use the WiseStamp email signature manager to set up the company email signature for all your employees automatically from the tool dashboard.


You can take a narrowly focused CRM software or get a complex CRM system for business management. The only thing you need for it is Microsoft Outlook because it is an Outlook CRM plugin.

eWay-CRM has a free version which is recommended for young entrepreneurs. It is wise to start with a free CRM in the beginning. Expenses management knowledge is important at the early stage. It will prepare you for the business growth and optimization options.

All CRM systems have a contact and companies management module. It is like a storage for business cards and many other details about the company. It must be divided because people migrate among various companies, and you can then move a person form one to another company. What’s the most useful thing now is it´s mobile version. When your software is connected, then you know who is calling and similarly it is easy to dial a number from the contact person from a specific company or project.

When this is prepared, then it is easy to continue with leads and deals administration. Active clients switch to projects, and inactive clients contact with direct mailing tool in the marketing module.

Complex CRM software should be prepared for external tools integrations. One of the most useful is integration with Microsoft PowerBI for data analyzes, evaluation and business predictions.

In short:

–        Contacts and companies shared withing a team

–        Automatic email tracking

–        Integration with web forms and lead generation tools

–        PowerBI dashboards

–        Tasks management

–        Timesheet administration

–        Direct mail templates

–        Heatmaps

Sked Social

People love to buy from people, and they prefer to buy from brands that feel personal. So if you’re looking to build real engagement, nurture a community, and give good reasons for people to choose you and your business, you’ll need a tool that gets your personality out there.

Sked Social is an Instagram-first social media scheduler, giving you the tools to perfect your identity on the most engaging visual platform. 

With built-in Canva integrations allow you to create vibrant posts in seconds, creator and hashtag search makes running UGC (user-generated content) campaigns a breeze, and with scheduling to 7+ other platforms, you can get in front of your audience -wherever they are.


Online business tools are perfect for all types of business owners when they want to accomplish many tasks without too much effort. So you have dozens of tools for writing business plans, creating visuals for webinars, sharing content on social media, etc.

While each of the tools on our list has specific functions, they are all great choices and fully endorsed by the startup community. While each of the tools on our list has specific functions, they are all great choices and fully endorsed by the startup community. 

In addition to the above-listed business tools, we encourage you to try simpleshow video maker. It’s an easy-to-use online tool for creating explainer videos to explain your product, service, and company to your audience.

Whether you want to define your business goals, optimize your sales process, or simply increase productivity, the solutions above will offer a wide range of options to help you grow your startup. How you will use these services is, of course, up to you.

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