Eight Free E-Commerce Tools to Get Your Online Store off The Ground

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You must be familiar with the term “e-commerce,” which has become an integral part of our lives. Businesses cannot possibly strive without incorporating e-commerce in their daily operations. They need its help to overcome various challenges and stay competitive forever. 

By definition, e-commerce undertakes a variety of business operations with the help of the internet. Right from the exchange of critical information to transacting money, everything happens online. It typically means the standard use of the internet for commercial purposes and to kick start a business. In the year 2021, a company cannot prosper much without the use of e-commerce website.

Imagine shopping from a place that is not available online, and you have to drive for miles to get there. Or going to a shop and finding out they only accept cash payments. Would you be willing to shop from there again? If a business fails at providing any convenience to the consumers, how will it retain them? E-commerce enables a company to become a multi-purpose store for consumers. Not only does it create brand value, but it showcases how much a brand values its customers. 

Therefore, it is best to create an E-commerce site if you haven’t already. It will open a wide range of business-related opportunities that you have not experienced before. Keeping this in mind, you will need a set of helpful e-commerce tools while transforming your online business. The best thing about these tools is they are free and easy to use. Using these tools, you will successfully launch your e-commerce site and get your business off the ground. Let’s dive into these eight beneficial tools right away. 

  1. Shopify

To enhance the performance of your site, take help from Shopify. Although the site charges a little money, in return, you get a vast supply of free tools to build your site. Some tools you can avail of from Shopify include a business name generator, image resizer, logo generator, and much more. Using this site will help you to learn the basics of e-commerce and how to transform your business. 

  1. WooCommerce

No doubt, WooCommerce is one of the best e-commerce tools available for free. Not only is it safe to use, but you can easily customize your e-commerce site by using it efficiently. Once you open WooCommerce, try to pay close attention to its storefront theme and generate some creative ideas. Through this e-commerce tool, you will know how to run your business online without putting much at stake effectively. Your e-commerce shop will be up and running for free within no time and generate more traffic! 

  1. PageSpeed Insights 

Google has made this tool available, which is excellent for checking your site’s speed and gaining valuable insights. For effective and fast analysis of your site, opt for PageSpeed and let it optimize your e-commerce business. This site will inform you timely about the pages that are loading slowly and how to boost them. Moreover, it will analyze your web content and help you make the site much smoother and faster. 

  1. Responsinator 

Another great e-commerce tool is Responsinator, which tests the visibility of your e-commerce site on various mobile devices. This tool comes super handy while checking the responsiveness of your website and whether your potential buyers can see your site on their phones and other gadgets or not. Mobile-friendly websites are taking over the world by storm, and your site should be a part of that race. By using Responsinator, you will quickly pinpoint how responsive your site is on multiple devices and make changes accordingly. 

  1. Google Analytics

Everyone is aware of Google Analytics and how it is making its way to analyze web traffic. Anyone who has an e-commerce site needs to take advantage of Google Analytics. Using this free tool, you will gain beneficial insights about web traffic and understand their buying pattern. You will also find out how the users are navigating through it while monitoring your site’s conversions. By checking how many unique visitors view your site to analyze their geographic location, Google Analytics will help significantly. The number of benefits you gain from this e-commerce is endless, so it is better to use it in the best way possible. 

  1. SurveyMonkey

Just like customer feedback is essential to running a physical store smoothly, it is necessary for an e-commerce site. To gain knowledge about the business’s performance and be competitive, use SurveyMonkey and easily create customer surveys. This e-commerce tool has a premium version, but the free-of-cost version will do the job. So make use of this tool and collect up to 100 customer responses a month about your site. By looking into different customer ratings, you will have a fresh perspective on proceeding ahead with your site. Also, the customer responses will motivate you to learn about effective ways to attract and retain more customers. 

  1. SimilarWeb

Do you want to peek into your competitor’s site and learn how they are generating web traffic? Do you have any questions about the channels they use or the social media sites where they get their leads? Well, it is good to stay curious about your competitors and use strategies to beat them. To find answers to queries like these and much more, pay a visit to SimilarWeb.com and gather valuable insights into your competitor’s sites. 

  1. Zopim Live Chat

Chatbots are getting very popular nowadays, and using a tool like Zopim Live Chat will solve your customer engagement queries. Customers trust those sites that have a live chat option. It provides them with an opportunity to ask a question and get an instant response from the chatbots. By using Zopim, your e-commerce site will look more reliable and increase customer engagement. The free version of Zopim is a great e-commerce tool, making the site more user-friendly. 

The Bottom Line:

The e-commerce tools mentioned above are best to improve and analyze the overall business performance. Building an online store and knowing how to run it successfully is essential to generate revenue. These tools can become an excellent resource for your e-commerce business and multiply your marketing efforts with promising results. So what is stopping you from using these convenient tools for free? Do what you have to and build a strong online presence without wasting any more time! Along with these amazing & free platforms what you need are graphics that make your website worth the visit. To add some shimmer to your existing website, here is a free gold background pack. Now create beautiful sliders or social media graphics & much more for free! 

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