Eight Cool Tech Innovations You’d Love to Use

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During the recent Covid-19 pandemic, people had more time on their hands to fine-tune their daily routines like fast charging their iPhone via the wall outlet or brewing your coffee in your coffee with a standalone coffee maker. These chores aren’t that hard to do.

However, they are some things that will always be there no matter what. But, considering the strides technology has made in recent times, now might be the time to utilize it to your advantage and make these chores a whole lot easier with the help of some daily use gadgets. 

When you look at things from the lens of a microscope, human beings have always searched for ways to make their daily lives less complicated. It is the reason we harnessed fire, invented the wheel, and accomplished various other feats. 

In the end, it is a fact that everyday life will always be challenging. But, with some creativity, we can always find ways to improve it. So, without further ado, let us look at some extraordinary tech innovations that you should always use. 

These gadgets ensure that your daily routines don’t feel like a chore. 

A high-resolution monitor/TV. 

Technology has made countless strides over the last few decades or so. Due to such a thing, today’s monitors and TVs come packed with more features, providing you with a better viewing experience overall. 

So, now is the time to trade in your old CRT for the top-of-the-line monitor/TV if you want to enjoy your favorite Netflix shows and movies in glorious ultra-high definition. A TV/monitor is something we cannot live without in today’s all-digital world. 

That said, visit your local TV/monitor vendor to purchase one that fits your budget and requirement. Plus, you’ll need a monitor stand or a Tv mount if you want to place it on your computer desk or TV table securely and safely. 

A wearable fitness tracker. 

Do you want to track how many miles you’ve walked, how many steps you’ve taken, or stairs you’ve climbed every day? If yes, investing in a wearable fitness tracker, such as offerings from Fitbit or Samsung, is the best thing to do. 

However, if you’re more of a fitness freak, consider higher-end models with waterproofing and built-in GPS tracking from Garmin. Not to mention, Apple fans can look into buying the Apple Watch, which covers the necessary fitness tracking essentials. 

All of these fitness trackers can easily pair with your smartphone and provide you with real-time updates and fitness metrics. 

A portable power strip. 

If you like to work remotely from the airport terminal or a coffee shop while you wait for your flight or morning coffee, you know that finding a power outlet is a struggle. So, always remain prepared by investing in a fantastic piece of tech like a portable power strip. 

A power strip can turn a single wall socket into multiple ones. Moreover, if you go with one that has built-in USB ports, it is a huge plus. 

A high-capacity USB flash drive.

With the rise of cloud technologies and services like Google Drive and Dropbox, USBs have slowly faded away into the abyss. However, sometimes you need to haul gigabytes worth of data, and cloud storage wot cut it. Plus, it will take hours to transfer huge files to a cloud server.

With a USB flash drive, you can accomplish such a thing in a matter of minutes. Moreover, compared to paid cloud services, USB flash drives are incredibly cheap. For instance, a 128 GB flash drive only costs around 25-30 dollars these days. 

Moreover, you can also get USB flash drives in various shapes and sizes. So, don’t be surprised if you find a swiss army knife that doubles up as a USB drive!

A home security camera. 

Are you searching for ways to keep an eye on your home while you’re traveling overseas or working at the office? Then, look no further than a portable home security camera. For instance, an IP camera such as one from Logitech or Nest Cam works excellently for such a purpose. 

You can even pair them up with your smartphone and monitor whatever goes on inside your home via a dedicated buddy app. Moreover, some cameras also come with two-way audio, allowing you to communicate with the person on the other side of the screen. 

An action camera.

An action camera, such as the Go Pro Hero 5, is excellent for recording everything from outdoor adventures to short homemade movies. Don’t be fooled by the size of the Go Pro, as it produces the same video and image quality you would expect from a DLSR. 

Not to mention, it is tiny in size and can easily fit in your pocket. Moreover, Chinese knockoffs, such as the Yi action camera, are also a good choice if you’re looking for a cheaper Go Pro alternative. Admittedly, their build quality isn’t as good as the original Go Pro, but they serve the same purpose. 

An ebook reader.

Ebooks are the future. More and more book readers are moving to the digital realm as a massive library of ebooks is available on the internet. But to read to ebook, you’ll need a dedicated ebook reader such as the Amazon Kindle. 

After all, instead of sitting and staring at your computer screen for hours, you can lay on your bed or favorite sofa and enjoy your reading sessions. 

A portable hard drive for backups

Unfortunately, these also include the ones inside your computer that hold all your important documents, photos, and videos. It is a well-known fact that mechanical hard drives fail eventually. So, it would be wise to backup all your data on a portable hard drive. 

That said, consider purchasing an SSD-based portable hard drive to prevent the typical failures that plague a mechanical hard drive. Although SSDs are comparatively expensive, they give you the peace of mind of keeping your data safe and secure. 


Technology has evolved beyond belief since the last decade. Not to mention, it has taken over various homes, workplaces, and industries. However, the gadgets mentioned in this post will allow you to keep a cool head and manage your daily routine easily. 

Simplifying our daily routines is just something every person on this planet is after. So don’t wait up and hit your local electronics store to purchase these gadgets!

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