Drop Shipping vs. Fulfillment: 2 Options for getting orders out of the door quickly

If you are thinking about starting an e-commerce store, or if you’ve been selling online for years. Using a fulfillment company is a great way to start.

CoreCommerce integrates with many great fulfillment companies. Let’s take Amazon fulfillment as an example. They will allow you to sell the item, while they handle all the shipping processes from their massive fulfillment network.

More information about their services can be found here.

While all fulfillment companies operate in different ways, they all serve as a central hub for all your shipping and warehousing needs.

Another avenue to explore is drop shipping, this will allow you to sell items that are managed and stored via a 3rd party.

The biggest advantage to drop shipping is that it takes a lot less capital to launch your online presence, and you do not have to purchase a product until you have already made a sale with your end customer.

This allows you as the business owner the ability to start an online store for little to no money.

If for example you wanted to sell musical equipment, you can contact your favorite brand who does drop-shipping, and they will typically send you a catalog which contains their product listing.

You can then post those items on the website with a price markup, and you keep the profits.

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