Do’s and Don’ts when Packing Your Products For Shipping Worldwide

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Product packaging and delivery is a fundamental part of operating an eCommerce business. Despite the fact that it may seem easy to package your goods for Shipping Worldwide, it is actually more complicated than it appears.

What first impression your package gives matters greatly. One should be aware that the packaging of a good speaks volumes. From the benefits, the product can offer to your customer to the values of your company.

If you are not so sure about this, the numbers don’t lie. The product package is the single most important marketing and communication tool because one-third of consumer purchasing decisions are influenced solely by packaging.

So, before we move one to our do’s and don’ts when packing your products for shipping worldwide, let’s check out why packaging is so important when running e-Commerce business. 

Why is packaging so important?

Packaging is the way your online business directly communicates and interacts with the consumer. 

Firstly, a good package will keep your products secure and protected during the delivery process. It keeps the goods from bouncing around, getting crushed, or damaged during transport. This is the prior thing since delivering a broken product will most likely drive customers away.

Second, it makes the first impression and sets the tone. If the package is thoughtfully designed and delivers a consumer a personalized unboxing experience you are on a good way to increase customer retention. This creatively-crafted package will surely leave a lasting impression on anyone who finds opening it. 

In relation to the first statement, about the safety of the product, comes the money-saving approach. When the goods are packed in a secured way, you are making sure that a replacement product will not need to be shipped. 

However, if the initial one gets damaged, your company should send another product in order to keep your users satisfied thus building a foundation for a trustful customer relationship.

This will help your business gain a reputation for not providing your customers with damaged products or goods that are ‘dead on arrival (DoA).’


Think from customers perspective

Try to think like a customer. What would be the most important thing to you as a buyer? Is it the look or the usefulness? What are the key selling points of the product? 

Keep in mind what your customers will be attracted to, what will steal away their attention, as well as the manner in which they intend to use your product.  

Another thing that will give you an edge is using eco-friendly packaging. Especially now in the time that we live in, it is of crucial importance to take care of the environment. Your current and potential customers will surely appreciate your thoughtfulness. 

Think outside the box

You should use packaging that makes your product distinctive from your competitors. It should reflect your product’s unique and key features. 

Let’s take an example. The company Heinz was the first one to introduce its clients to an upside-down bottle. It was not long until it became a blast and sales massively improved compared to its rivals. This is just one of the many examples of how important it is to think outside of the box. It is also proof of why packaging is important and what its main purpose is.

Choose the right packaging materials

As a package travels worldwide until it reaches its destination, it goes through several hands before it finally arrives at its final stop. And, in the case of a product being packed in an unreliable box, the product you are Shipping Worldwide might get damaged when it is hauled from one transportation stage to another. 

But this doesn’t stop here. There are other ways for damaging the product, like rubbing against other parcels and boxes thus creating friction that could easily affect the package content.

The materials you select for your shipments should be high-quality, otherwise, you can end up with a ruptured box or merchandise that will get damaged along the way.

Before choosing the materials for your product boxing, make sure you do some smart packaging. Take into account important things like the weight of your product, the size and its shape, its fragility, and the overall value of the goods you are sending.

Separate items

If you have an order of a few items that need to be shipped to the same address, that doesn’t mean they should all be placed in one box. Especially if those items are fragile, there’s a big possibility that they can move around and bump on each other during transportation.

And even when it comes to clothes like leggings, jackets, or t-shirts there are certain packaging tips you should follow. Protecting your items with separate wrapping and cushioning will prevent them from shifting around as much and, if they do, will prevent them from being damaged. Also, products that could be contaminated by dirt, water, or moisture have to be packed in plastic bags within your package. 

Eye-catching colors

When you carefully think through the safety of the product, it’s time to think about the appearance of the package. You need to choose what color palette you are going to use. 

According to your company’s style and its identity, use colors that are relevant to your overall brand. Try to go with colors that will catch customers’ attention, yet still be readable and appealing to the eye. Try to avoid too many colors with a lot of copy. Almost none of the customers will go for it even though that’s exactly what they have been searching for. So, appearance really matters. 

Bear in mind that you are trying to stand out from the crowd and be unique, thus try to differentiate yourself by creating a recognizable look for your brand. 


Forget about the packaging purpose

Always keep in mind that the packaging’s primary function is to ensure the safeness of the products. There are a lot of cases where companies along with their designers concentrate more on the look of the package rather than on its safety. 

We are not saying it’s not important but we are putting the emphasis on safety first because that’s always the priority when it comes to shipping products internationally. 

Packaging all products the same

What type of material you are going to use largely depends on the type of product you are shipping. It’s obvious that you can’t use the same materials when sending out t-shirts and mugs. 

It is infeasible to use the same boxes and packaging for everything since you will end up wasting money and putting your products at risk. If you are not sure how to do it properly check out best practices for some tips and learn the best ways for your products when Shipping Worldwide. 

Separate brand and product design

For any type of business, returning customers are essential. In order for your customer to stay loyal and return, they need to remember your brand. That’s why your packaging design needs to reflect on your company’s brand clearly. 

This is not just for building brand awareness, but also for establishing relationships with customers who have formerly bought or used your products.

Set options limits

There is a big possibility that if your goods have shown to be successful on the market, you will extend your product line. Therefore, having a similar packaging to your previous one can help you boost sales for the new arrivals.

eCommerce is very represented and its spread can go from in-store selling to dropshipping. Therefore, the future requires scalability, and it might not be a bad idea to get informed about how dropshipping works.

Go overboard with the design 

In the company’s creativity process, companies along with designers tend to go overbroad. During the creation stage, the over-complicating design might happen. The more the better is not the policy we want to follow here. 

Having a quality package that is not cluttered with text with fine and clear print will do the job. You do this by conveying your message and reinforcing what you are selling. 

This is the same thing that refers to email marketing. Nobody wants cluttered mail with messages that will just bore the customer and eventually might even drive them away. However, e-commerce email marketing, when done properly, can widely help you with building your brand and boosting your online presence.

In Conclusion 

A lot of people think they want to sell their products internationally, but don’t know how to pack the goods, ship them or what are the necessary requirements. The process of sending outside your country is a little more complicated than it seems on paper, so we hope you found this article helpful when it comes to packing your products and shipping goods internationally for sales purposes.

Make sure that you are paying as much attention to your shipping as you are to the packaging part. If the product that you have so excellently packages does not end up reaching your clients and customers at the right time, they will not be appreciating its packaging. This is why businesses need to go for breakbulk shipping services that can help in moving exceptionally large and bulky packages.

Take into consideration all the do’s and don’ts that we stated above. Think about packing strategically to avoid any loss or damage to the product during transit.  If you’re worried about keeping the goods safe, carefully choose the materials you are wrapping your product into. Safety always comes first so when building your product design and its package, always have that in mind. 

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