Crowdfunding in College: 8 Do’s and Don’ts

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Crowdfunding campaigns have become very popular recently. This is a real chance for aspiring entrepreneurs and dreamers to understand whether their idea is interesting to the public and get some money to start up their businesses. Also, crowdfunding is essential for charity and volunteer initiatives since most of them are funded by people who care.

With crowdfunding being so popular, many students engage in it, hoping to create change with their small contributions. Even some of the most popular online platforms like have been created with the help of crowdfunding.

Yet, there are some unwritten rules for crowdfunding that can make this activity especially successful. Here are a few dos and don’ts that you should know before you get into it.

DO select your project carefully

Successful crowdfunding requires you to be selective when it comes to projects. Experts advocate for choosing tangible over intangible ones. For example, chances are that your campaign for building a new library for underrepresented minorities will get more attention than some hypothetical project with an unclear message.

Also, choose projects with viral potential. Crowdfunding has a short time span; however, if your contributors can envision the result of their contribution, new similar projects are likely to appear elsewhere.

DON’T treat crowdfunding money like a lottery win

The money you get from crowdfunding is not something that shows up out of nowhere. This is a hard-earned income of people who decide to contribute to helping others. You are accountable for every cent and how it’s being spent.

Thus, you don’t have the power to use the collected money in the way you see fit. All your expenditures should meet the initial goal of the campaign. Moreover, you should be personally responsible for every financial decision you take.

DO collect feedback on each of your campaigns

Whether successful or not, each of your campaigns bears lots of information that you can use in your following projects. You can study the market and see what the audience needs and expects.

Even if it is quite upsetting to never reach the financial goal of a crowdfunding campaign, it is still rewarding to learn that you should probably reconsider your message or redirect your efforts elsewhere.

DON’T act on your own

Crowdfunding is all about collective efforts. Students feel more inclined to make their small contributions when they really see that others are participating. Also, they are more persuaded that they help the right cause when they hear existing advocates speak.

For example, if your goal is to improve literacy among those who lack access to books and you try to build a library for them, give them a voice. Let them explain how useful this project would be to their community and what potential impact it can have on their lives.

Don’t act on your own. You’ll hardly reach out to the audience the way those most impacted would do. Your role is to create a campaign, provide a background, and promote it online and offline. However, leave the storytelling to those who are affected the most.

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DO have a clear plan

Just think of it: when you need professional essay writing help, you go and read essay services reviews on NoCramming. You analyze and decide what company is the best to proceed with. When it comes to crowdfunding, your strategy should be the same.

First of all, analyze the project you intend to pursue. Secondly, choose the best platform to launch your campaign. Plan your communication with your audience during crowdfunding as well as on the post-campaign stage. Investors should be able to find out how their money has served for the good cause.

Before you start crowdfunding and during the campaign, develop the implementation plan. Once you have the resources, you should be able to start the process right away. Find vendors and network with other third parties to ensure your project implementation will be flawless.

DON’T focus on digital marketing only

Digital marketing with all its channels of communication is definitely something you should master before getting into crowdfunding. However, when it comes to college, don’t focus merely on social media. Lots of students prefer to be reached out to in an old-fashioned way.

For example, a word of mouth is still the best way to promote your campaign. If a student likes the idea, he or she is willing to spread the news about it. The more public it gets, the better. Also, since campuses are usually quite small and isolated, printed marketing materials with QR codes with logos can also draw extra attention to your campaign.

DO check other campaigns before you start

It’s wise to research what campaigns get more attention and how their creators have managed to do that. We don’t encourage you to copy any ideas, but it’s still useful to study the market before entering it. You should check what messages are on-trend at the moment.

Look at a few projects that you find interesting. Contact their creators to establish cross-marketing support if needed. Also, collect some background information on how you can build up your campaign’s credibility.

DON’T sound unrealistic

Your idea, as well as the message you try to send, should be as clear as possible to the audience and as relevant as it may be. Do not build your campaign over a hypothesis. Bring some effective solutions to the problems your community faces today.

Also, remember that crowdfunding is time-sensitive. However, it only relates to the duration of the campaign itself. When it comes to the implementation of your idea, you can take as much time as needed. Of course, be realistic and calculate this time based on existing projections.

Final Words

Crowdfunding is only gaining its popularity. For students, this is one of the most effective ways to get the capital they need to pursue their dreams and ideas. Of course, you are required to work thoroughly on the idea for it to go viral.

Do check the existing crowdfunding unwritten practices before launching a campaign. It can help you save lots of time and lead to more pleasing results. After all, you can take advantage of the available knowledge and real examples to outperform them and maximize the outcomes.

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