Create an Amazon-Like Checkout Experience With CardConnect’s Card on File” Technology!”

Let’s admit it – we all shop on Amazon because it is so convenient! Amazon doesn’t sell 5 billion products a year for nothing! They have simplified and streamlined the buying process to a single, mindless click! But, have you ever found yourself in one of these frustrating situations while shopping at other stores online?


  • You want to make a purchase, but your wallet is in another room.
  • You are running late while trying to complete an online transaction.
  • You attempt to complete an online transaction but the credit card linked to your account is expired.
  • You add an item to your online shopping cart on impulse but talk yourself out of it before completing the transaction.

Oftentimes, sales are lost as the result of one of the many potential barriers or frictions that can prevent customers from completing their transactions. Sometimes a credit card simply isn’t on hand at the moment the customer would like to make a purchase; other times customers are distracted during the time-consuming hassle of filling in payment information; occasionally, they can even dissuade themselves from impulse buys during the course of the transaction. Whatever the cause,  many sales are lost mid-checkout. That is why abandoned cart recovery is such an important strategy for eCommerce retailers.

But, what if you could make the purchasing process so simple and easy that few customers failed to complete their purchases? That could mean a great revenue boost for your business! Now, as a result of CoreCommerce’s brand new partnership with CardConnect, you can allow customers to save credit card information with their accounts through CardConnect’s patented “card on file” technology. In each of the scenarios outlined above, customers would still have been able to complete their transactions quickly – even if they are in a hurry, their credit cards are in another room, or one of their saved cards was declined. That means more sales for your business from one of your most valuable customer demographics – repeat customers.


By making the purchasing process more convenient, customers complete more transactions – and are more likely to return for repeat orders. This has been a key to Amazon’s monumental success, and it can be a key to growing your business, too!



CardConnect allows customers to save multiple credit cards with their customer accounts for your store through a patented process called “tokenization.” Is this method safe? Yes! Is it PCI compliant? Yes! Curious how it works?


Simple steps like these go a long way in increasing customer retention and converting more sales online. Amazon’s success is a testament to the customer’s appreciation of convenience. Are you interested in making your checkout process easier than ever with CardConnect’s “card on file” feature for your store’s checkout? Simply click on the link below to request more information or contact Or, if you’d feel more comfortable, you can always give us a call at CoreCommerce at (615) 550-5513. We are happy to provide more information.



CardConnect’s mission is to make payments simple and secure. Everyday, more than 60,000 businesses, ranging from Fortune 500 companies to youthful startups, use CardConnect to securely process and manage their transactions. On Nasdaq: “CCN”

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