CoreCommunity Spotlight: SB Herbal Remedies

CoreCommerce supports businesses of all types and sizes. This week, we take a look at one of those businesses, SB Herbal Remedies, in our CoreCommunity Spotlight. We talked to President Paulette Gunn about this natural healing company based out of Jackson, MS.

sb herbal remedies

Why did you decide to open an online store?

In January 2014, I was contacted that there would be an online natural health store available. The owners were moving out of the country and would not be able to move the products. Because I have always been interested in natural health, I knew this would be something I would love to do. I contacted the owner, and she helped me through the process of opening the online store. She began shipping me the products, and after the boxes filled up my dining room and began spilling out into the den, I knew we needed to add on to the house. We accomplished that with a room addition and built shelves, and I was in business!

Tell us about your business

My question is why do people wait until they get sick to immediately want to get well? Most people never take care of their bodies. In fact, most people take better care of their cars than their bodies. What do you know about parasites? Did you know that 90% of ALL human beings have parasites? I sell a product called Clarkia, which contains three herbs (black walnut, cloves and wormwood) in a tincture. I also sell these three herbs separately. I sell products for a natural kidney cleanse and a colon cleanse. I sell Tumeric, epsom salts capsules… to name a few.

How has CoreCommerce’s eCommerce platform helped you to achieve success?

CoreCommerce has made me realize that even someone like me could operate a website… and I am getting pretty good, even if I do say so myself! The guys at CoreCommerce have patience, because I have called them about the dumbest things and then the not so dumb things. But, no matter what I ask and no matter what problem I have, they are awesome and make me feel like I am the only person that matters. That means a lot to me, too.

What additional information would you like to include?

I have no idea what my online store future will be, but it’s off to a great start and is exceeding any expectations I had. But, one thing is for sure. I plan on always being with CoreCommerce.

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