CoreCommunity Spotlight: Jubilee Creative Studio

Welcome to the CoreCommunity Spotlight, a series in which we highlight success stories submitted by our valued customers. These eCommerce entrepreneurs market and sell a variety of unique products, from fabrics and home goods, to teas and jewelry.

Our first entry comes from Gayla Carlson, Owner and President of Jubilee Creative Studio encompassing four online stores: Jubilee Fabric, Jubilee Rhinestones, Jubilee Burlap for Weddings, and Rivertree Life. Read on to learn more about the origins of Gayla’s family business and how CoreCommerce has helped her achieve her eCommerce goals.

Jubilee Burlap for Weddings

Why did you decide to open an online store?

We were selling successfully on eBay, but we wanted a “home” where we could have more control over sales and presentation, where we could also offer more information about our products and potential uses for them. Basically, we wanted to build a “brand.” In 2006, we retired completely from eBay and moved all sales to our website. We do not have a B&M store, strictly online only.

This particular store has a very loyal customer base who buy repeatedly, year after year. We offer hard to find, niche, homespun fabric and burlap products. Many of our products are custom manufactured to our specifications and are Jubilee Creative Studio branded. We try to offer the customer unique and desirable craft supplies, and we use social media to inspire them with ideas and projects using our supplies.

Tell us about your business

Jubilee Creative Studio is a family business located in Siloam Springs, AR. We began as a craft business selling handmade products at craft shows. Today we sell online only, and we have four CoreCommerce stores selling four distinct product lines. You can read more about Jubilee Creative Studio, LLC and our staff here:


How has CoreCommerce’s eCommerce platform helped you to achieve success?

We ♥ CoreCommerce! We originally used another hosted cart, but as our businesses grew, we found it inadequate. After much prayer and research, we decided to go with CoreCommerce. That was one of the best business decisions we ever made! It is so packed full of features and options that we couldn’t possibly implement everything. We were able to quickly implement the features that we needed and then slowly learn about the other options available. Some we added, some we didn’t. The best thing about CC is that all the features come at the entry level. A new store gets every tool needed for success from the very beginning. We use the coupon features daily and have found the ability to have a wholesale customer group to be absolutely invaluable.

We have a designer on staff, so that also affects what we look for in a hosted cart. We have been able to easily customize anything that we wanted to change. This has been a tremendous help with establishing a brand. Our store has a unique look identified with Jubilee Creative Studio. I especially love the fact that I can easily edit words and phrases within the store’s interface to reflect our particular preferences. For instance, our checkout pages offer a pick up option, which reads: “Pick Up – Siloam Springs residents only.” All the CSS files are easy to edit and logically organized.

The CoreCommerce support staff has been amazing, and I really feel that they legitimately give a serious attempt to solve every problem that I bring to them. As with any other hosted cart, occasionally, some things just do not have a resolution or a workaround, but that is rare with CC.

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